Rent Status Reduction items are house-placeable in-game items that allow players to reduce the status payment portion of their weekly housing costs if they live in a home in one of the cities of Norrath. Some status reduction items are crafted, while others are specifically quested. A few can be claimed as a reward for purchasing the Collector's Edition or Boxed Edition of the game (as opposed to the digital download). Originally, some in-game merchants sold furniture that reduced housing status costs. Although a very few of these items are still sold today (mostly buckets and lamps or the occasional countertop), almost all furniture with status reduction now must be purchased from Carpenters or must be quested.

This list provides the names of the rent status reduction items placeable in homes. For a list of the quests that result in items that reduce status costs, see Rent Status Reduction Item Quests.

See also: Furniture with Rent Status Reduction


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