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House pets are items that when placed in your housing or guild hall look like creatures you can find out in the world. There are several types or categories of these pets. Plushies are smaller animated stationary pets, these are great for things like fish tanks, cages and display cases. Arena Pets are animated mobile pets that you can get from questing and from Sumixum the arena master in Maj'Dul. Besides being a house pet they are used to fight in the Maj'Dul arena. Normal pets are animated wandering pets which can be purchased or acquired through questing, they are not used for any special purpose except house decorations.

There are two special exceptions that come from preordering expansions:

Some Pet Merchants are:

  • Qeynos - South Qeynos - Donovan Herald ( 641, -17, 188 ) /waypoint 640.96, -16.52, 188.08 Eq2map
  • Freeport - West Freeport - Freeport Petshop ( 99, -11, -57 ) /waypoint 99.44, -10.54, -56.62 Eq2map
  • Kelethin - Sunneva Nepenthes ( 437, 89, 238 ) /waypoint 437.12, 89.01, 238.33 Eq2map
  • Neriak - Fiendish Familiars ( -545, 22, 220 ) /waypoint -545.00, 22.00, 220.00 Eq2map
  • Maj'Dul - Sumixum the Arena Master
  • New Halas - Torvil Beastamer ( -303, 172, -102 ) /waypoint -303, 172, -102

Pet merchants are not the only way to acquire pets though, many require quests to obtain and these are listed on the pages with the pet details.

To see some of the pets available you can check SOE's online guide.


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