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In-Game Fury Alternate Advancements Tree
Click the icons for more detailed info on each AA
Enhance: Armor of NatureEnhance: BramblesEnhance: IntimidationEnhance: Death SwarmEnhance: Peerless PredatorEnhance: Forest SpiritEnhance: Emergency HealingEnhance: Pact of the CheetahEnhance: Karana's HoldEnhance: TempestEnhance: ThunderboltEnhance: Fae FireEnhance: Primal FuryEnhance: FeastEnhance: Feral TenacityEnhance: SnareEnhance: StarnovaEnhance: Ring of FireEnhance: Call of StormsEnhance: PorcupineEnhance: HibernationEnhance: Maddening SwarmAnimal FormPact of NatureKudzuEnergy VortexTempest of the ElementsNature's SwarmHuntmaster's VitalityTunare's TouchFaydark's AwakeningHerbal RemedyNatural CleanseFury AA Tree
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