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This is the master category for all epic weapon categories. For the epic artisan quests, see the Artisan Epic Timeline.

NOTE: You must be Level 80 in your adventuring class in order to start your first epic weapon quest!

Epic weapon quests were introduced with Game Update 42. There are two epic weapons per subclass: a "Fabled" version that requires completing solo and heroic content and an upgraded, "Mythical" version, that requires the completion of some epic content. (LootDB also has a list of all epic weapons in their database.)

Quest dialog and lore for Epic Weapons can be found in the Epic Weapon Stories and Lore Category.

Epic Conversion Timeline to turn your epic into a spell.

Look here for Epic 2.0 Timelines.

NOTE: As of the October 1st 2013 patch, the epic weapon timelines are not required to start the epic repercussions quests. See Epic Conversion Timeline for details.

Warrior Fabled (Heroic) Version Mythical (Raid) Version
 - Berserker Dragon's Temper Dragon's Temper
 - Guardian Vel'Arek Revitalized Vel'Arek
 - Bruiser Gorynn's Fist Gorynn's Fist
 - Monk The Hand of Serenity The Restored Hand of Serenity
 - Paladin The Truth of Marr The Truth of Marr
 - Shadowknight Sedition Sedition, Sword of the Bloodmoon
Sorcerer Fabled (Heroic) Version Mythical (Raid) Version
 - Warlock Death's Grip Death's Grip
 - Wizard Dragon's Marrow Dragon's Marrow
 - Coercer Eye of the Siren Eye of the Siren
 - Illusionist Mirage Star Mirage Star
 - Conjuror Elemental Dominance Elemental Dominance
 - Necromancer Insanity's Rapture Vazaelle, the Mad
Druid Fabled (Heroic) Version Mythical (Raid) Version
 - Fury Wrath of Nature Wrath of Nature
 - Warden Bite of the Wolf Bite of the Wolf
 - Inquisitor Penitent's Absolution Penitent's Absolution
 - Templar The Impact of the Sacrosanct The Impact of the Sacrosanct
 - Defiler Dream Scorcher Dream Scorcher
 - Mystic Cudgel of Obviation Cudgel of Obviation
 - Channeler Spiritbreaker Spiritbreaker, Eianosheoll's Folly
Bard Fabled (Heroic) Version Mythical (Raid) Version
 - Dirge Lamentation of the Intrepid Lamentation of the Intrepid
 - Troubador Ayonic Axe Ayonic Axe
 - Assassin Fang of Ichor Fang of Ichor
 - Ranger Eagle's Talon Eagle's Talon
 - Brigand Havoc Havoc, Blade of Treachery
 - Swashbuckler Charm's Way Charm's Way
 - Beastlord Spiritual Claws of Khati Sha
Feral Claws of Khati Sha
Inspirited Spiritual Claws of Khati Sha
Inspirited Feral Claws of Khati Sha


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