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Cover of PC box from Desert of Flames

The first expansion for EverQuest II takes us to the Island of Ro (formerly known as the Desert of Ro in the original Everquest) and the heart of the Dervish Empire, the jewel of the desert, Maj'Dul.

Quests Edit

Heritage & Signature Quests Edit

Solo Quest Series Edit

Access Quests Edit

See the Shimmering Citadel Timeline for access to the following zones (achieved in this order):

  1. The Shimmering Citadel (52-57)
  2. The Poets Palace (59-64 heroic)
  3. The Poets Palace: Return (60-65 raid)
  4. The Pedestal of Sky (60-65 raid)
  5. The Djinn Master's Prism (60-65 raid)

Zones Edit


The Sinking SandsEdit

The Clefts of RujarkEdit

The Pillars of FlameEdit


Harvests Edit

Harvestables (Tier 6)

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