Camp Nybright

Camp Nybright

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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone The Lesser Faydark (Echoes of Faydwer)
Location ( 106, -22, 299 ) /waypoint 106, -22, 299 Eq2map

What does this information mean?


Back during the time that Everquest 1 took place in, four daughters of a Paladin - Jayla, Kayla, Shayla and Tayla Nybright - rebelled against their father and turned to banditry, operating out of a camp in Lesser Faydark. In the centuries since then, the Nybright family has grown into an organized crime syndicate, and is still run by the descendants of the Nybright sisters, still in LFay.

Lesser Faydark-Nybright Camp (map)

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