LU32 included a new embedded browser that will open, within the EQ2 UI, a window that contains a limited-function web browser.

This new browser can be invoked from the chat window with the command, /browser

Go to Main Page


Go directly to the article that matches the name of what you have targeted, IF it exists!


Search for any and all articles matching the name of what you have targeted. If an exact match exists, it will take you directly there!


For ease of use, these commands can be set in a macro, such as:

Title: EQ2i Info Lookup

  1. /gsay I am looking up info about %T on EQ2i... one moment please!
  2. /browser

So all you do is target a mob or NPC you need some information about, press your macro key and up comes just the info you need, without ever exiting the game or shelling out to Windows.

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