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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Village of Shin  (AA)
Journal Level 68 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Village of Shin more
How to Start Talk to Brother Pang on the second floor of the Tower of the Four Winds. ( 17, 35, -169 ) /waypoint 17, 35, -169 In order to gain access to the second floor, you must complete The Balance of Nature and Mediate the Masters on the first floor
part of: Fallen Dynasty Timeline
Preceded by:
The Balance of Nature
Mediate the Masters
Followed by:
The Rift
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  1. Go to the Rotting Ground in The Mystic Lake ( -186, -3, 134 ) /waypoint -186, -3, 134 and defeat Zeera the Thorned (level 67^^^ heroic dryad fury). She is an autopop near the SW portion of the Rotting Ground. NOTE: As long as you or any member of your group is on any part of this quest - this mob will continue to pop and she has been know to follow all the way to zone.
  2. Return to Brother Pang
  3. Speak to Kuabu the Songkeeper who wanders in the Courtyard of Hope ( 23, 14, -80 ) /waypoint 23, 14, -80
  4. Speak to Hunra the Carver in The Mystic Lake ( 220, -46, 338 ) /waypoint 220, -46, 338
  5. Kill two pirates in the Gunthak Pirate Camp ( 68, -39, 303 ) /waypoint 68, -39, 303 (both level 67^^^ Heroic):
  6. Click on bushes in Direvine Wood ( -62, 9, 248 ) /waypoint -62, 9, 248Enter through the tunnel from The Rotting Ground ( -141, 9, 271 )
    • The journal directs you to "follow the map"; you may open your waypoints (Alt w) and select "X marks the pirate camp" to be guided to the bushes
  7. Click on bushes to "search" and Pirate Prince Prawn, a level 68^^^ gnome, will be revealed. (The bushes spawn every 20 minutes approximately.)
  8. Hail Pirate Prince Prawn. Upon completion of the conversation he will become aggressive; kill him.
  9. Return to Kuabu in Shin
  10. In The Forsaken City, click a bookcase at the God of Knowledge ( -86, -46, -6 ) /waypoint -86, -46, -6to spawn & kill a Delirious Lyricist (level 68^^^ ghost Troubador)
  11. Return to Kuabu in Shin ( 23, 14, -80 )
  12. Free the essence of Zan Fi
    • Enter the Sepulcher of Zan Fi in the Tomb of the Sensei in The Mystic Lake ( 13, -25, -9 ) /waypoint 13, -25, -9
    • Defeat 6 waves of 3 to 4 level 67-70 heroic golems (no rest between waves, pace yourself)
    • Defeat Kudzua the Tormentor (level 72^^^ dryad)
    • Click on the tomb in the middle of the room to receive the flute, then use the flute to free the spirit
  13. Speak to Brother Pang in Shin


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