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The Bar of Brell is open for business again! You can access the bar from:

  • Antonica (near the North Qeynos Gate) ( 66, -20, 0 ) /waypoint 66, -20, -0
  • The Commonlands (by the Freeport gates) ( -1219, -82, 52 ) /waypoint -1219, -82, 52
  • Timorous Deep (on the Docks just past the Griffin ( 2362, 7, 1384 ) /waypoint 2362, 7, 1384)
  • Greater Faydark (at the stable near Green Knoll ( 5569, 44, 41 ) /waypoint 5569, 44, 41)
  • New Halas (in the center of the main village) ( -68, 148, -34 ) /waypoint -68, 148, -34
  • Haven

Raw materials for Brew Day craftable items (from Brew Day recipe books) can be harvested from a bountiful Brewday garden, a shrub node with a green particle effect, found randomly throughout the above zones mostly around the brew portals and along riverbanks. The bountiful Brewday garden nodes can only be seen using the Improved Ale Goggles.

2015 Edit

"Make this Brewday Festival a memorable one! Use the magical keg we've opened near yer city to enter the festival's official brew house, The Bar of Brell. I invite ya in to grab a stein of ale while The Burglars entertain. While yer here, maybe ye'll help me figure out what's causin' all that ruckus below the bar. If not, well, ye'll also find items to craft, adventures and rewards both new and familiar! Course there's plenty of activity outside the bar, too. There's news of goblins stirrin' trouble in Butcherblock Mountains and the Enchanted Lands! And if'n ya find yerself crawling through other bars and drinking holes be sure to keep yer eyes peeled for special items of interest to collect!

Mraugl Stonecrusher

The Bar of Brell's Head Bartender"

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New in 2014Edit

All previous years' festive quests and activities have returned, though some new items have been added as quest rewards.

Note: Although you are not directed to find someone to translate the book if you completed Blackswill for Blackswell in previous years, the quest Deep Within Hammerhall is repeatable by talking with Steinsister Daglara (335, 189, 501) at the Highland Outpost in Butcherblock Mountains.

2013 Complete Brew Day Walk Through Edit

Brew Day Walk Through







Rasel and Snoogle are both back and at it again! Both are still looking for help on their respective quests.

New this year is the Avatar of Below. He is looking for the finest ale on all of Norrath! Help him find it in Beers for Brell!


Rasel is at it again, looking for help from soon-to-be inebriated players so he can brew up this year's batch of Brell's Everlasting Brew.

Also, speak with the gnome, Snoogle Blitzed, down the hall from the bottom of the stairs, to go look for things only those partying with Brell may see while helping with Snoogle's Presentation.


Once inside, talk to Rasel Alechaser the Brew Master. He sends you to gather ingredients for Brell's Everlasting Brew.

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