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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Merchant
Race Fae
Zone Greater Faydark (Echoes of Faydwer)
Location In the Nursery ( -130, -45, 810 ) /waypoint -130, -45, 810 Eq2map


a torch72c
elm bo5s 4c
elm cudgel1s 7c
elm fighting batons1s 7c
elm short bow5s 4c
flask of water19c
Plain Tin Arrow1c
rawhide leather pouch5s 4c
rawhide leather rucksack54c
tin foil1s 7c
tin halberd5s 4c
tin harpoon5s 4c
tin knuckles4s 28c
tin kukri1s 7c
tin long sword4s 28c
tin parrying blade1s 7c
tin scepter1s 7c
tin short sword1s 7c
tin spear1s 7c
tin throwing dagger1c
tin tulwar5s 4c
tin voulge4s 28c

Notes Edit

This merchant will also serve evil characters, unlike the NPCs in Kelethin.

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