Bolgin is the deformed and demented brother of Brell Serilis. He hides in the darkest trenches of the bowels of the Underfoot. His features are dark and he is nearly hairless.

Bolgin Serilis is a partial creator of the greater goblinoid races of Norrath. During the ages when Norrathians trod upon the planar realms a band of adventurers uncovered the hidden realm of Bolgin Serilis, the twisted tunnels of Golm. Golm was the name of the vast isolated lair where Bolgin hid from sight. Within the dark twisting labyrinth that is Golm the adventurers discovered many dangers and many secrets. One of these secrets was the role Bolgin played in the creation of the goblinoids.

This secret was taken from Golm and deposited upon Norrath during the final days of the Age of Turmoil. It would not be till the Age of Cataclysms that the goblins of Runnyeye would unearth the totem that held the secret origins of their race. [Source]

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