Back in LU38, SoE made many common "effects" into "stats" to clean up the examine windows (Regeneration, Flowing Thought, etc).

They are now listed just below the green stats, but in the same blue color as the list of spell effects, hence the term "blue stats."

With the launch of Rise of Kunark, it became clear why SoE made this change. They wanted to make it easier to add these effects to items, as many quest rewards and loot have these "blue stats" on them.

We attempted various methods to merge this new fact into Template:EquipInformation, but none were really that effective/simple.

As of 2007-12-06, they now have fields for easier use.

Overview of the common Blue stats
hregen # In-Combat Health Regeneration Per Tick pregen# In-Combat Power Regeneration Per Tick toughness # Toughness
multi #% Multi Attack Chance dps#% Damage Per Second aspeed#% Attack Speed
potency#% Potency crit#% Crit Chance critbonus#% Crit Bonus
hategain# or -# Hate Gain abmod+# Ability Modifier accuracy#% Accuracy
bchance#% Block Chance epc#% Extra Parry Chance erc#% Extra Riposte Chance
edc#% Extra Dodge Chance mitinc#% Mitigation Increase maxpow# Max Power
mspeed# Mount Speed icrspeed# In-Combat Run Speed ocrspeed# Out of Combat Run Speed
acspeed#% Ability Casting Speed arspeed#% Ability Reuse Speed srspeed#% Spell Reuse Speed
ripostedmg#% Riposte Damage aeauto #% AE Autoattack Chance strike #% Strikethrough

It's allso possible to add other common bluestats by useing {{EquipmentEffect|Fullname of the Effect|I to n}} for the effectlist and {{EquipEffectDesc|Fullname of the Effect|I to n}} for the effectdesc.

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