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EverQuest II Achievement Information
Bits and Baubles
Category: Live Events

Subcategory: Tinkerfest

Craft a collection of tinkerfest building bits and baubles

Craft an Ornage Gold Gear
Craft a Compact Mana Battery
Craft Tinkerd Fan Blades (active)
Craft a Tinkered titanium Gear Shaft
Craft a Carbonite Spin Wheel
Craft a Ratcheted Sprog Arm
Craft a Curde Stove Flute

Craft a Carbonite Roller
Craft a Flanged Rhodium Widget
Craft a Titanium Hexagon Gasket
Craft a Tinkerer's Comburnable Chamb.
Craft a Dismantled Clock Assembly
Craft a Welded Rhodium Fuel Barrel
Craft a Welded Rhodium Band

Ceiling Mounted Carbonite Cog Chain

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