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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Stormhold
Journal Level 20 (Tier 3)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Stormhold more
How to Start Examine Sword of Thunder (dropped in Stormhold)
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What does this information mean?


"A sword I found seems to have some level of intelligence. It claims to be Berik, a former Knight of Thunder who devoted himself to the eradication of undead. It certainly seems unhappy with its current plight." --Everquest II Journal

Starting the QuestEdit

  1. Kill in Stormhold until a mob drops Sword of Thunder (Note: Sword of Thunder is tradeable and may be found on the broker.)
  2. Examine the Sword of Thunder.
    • NOTE: Upon examination of the sword a quest window will open up.. DO NOT ACCEPT THE QUEST UNTIL YOU ARE FINISHED WITH THE DIALOGUE. If you do accept the quest first, then delete the quest from your log and examine the Sword of Thunder again. At the end of the dialog a new item will be put in your inventory called "Berik, Sword of Thunder." Examine this Sword and accept quest. This is the sword you will need to inspect after each further step.


  1. Berik, Sword of Thunder will tell you to kill 100 undead knights in Stormhold. Any undead count: All skeletons and zombies work (Knight, sentry, squire, defender, burnt, etc.) Once this step is done talk to the sword again.
  2. Next it will ask you to kill 3 named bosses in Stormhold:
    • Defiled Lord Byron in Stormhold level 1, he who gave the order to forge him. ( -45, 9, -60 ) /waypoint -45, 9, -60
    • Blacksmith Brigg in Stormhold level 1, he who forged him. ( -138, -1, -46 ) /waypoint -138, -1, -46
    • Battlepriest Alexandria in Stormhold level 2, she who blessed him. ( -49, -24, -74 ) /waypoint -49, -24, -74
  3. Inspect the sword one last time and you are done!


NOTE: This has a "runesword" look to it, and it is legendary, so it can be reforged to decorate it. It is no-trade, however.


  • This sword is needed to create the Electrified Bone Bladed Claymore.

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