Befallen Timeline
Recommended Levels 50 to 50
Introduced: LU50
Difficulty: Heroic
Starts in: Commonlands

Befallen is in the southwest corner of the Commonlands, near the Hidden Canyon griffon tower. Formerly a fortress for the Knights of Marr, it is now inhabited by their ghosts and other undead. It consists of three separate dungeons.

Befallen: Cavern of the AfflictedEdit

Edgrim Bofstrem

  1. A Bone to Grind (81)

Friar Arlam Va'orr

  1. Putting a Curse to Rest (81)

Befallen: Halls of the ForsakenEdit

High Lord William Taros

  1. A Knight's Word (83)

Befallen: Necrotic Asylum Edit

High Lord William Taros

  1. Extinguishing the Burning Dead (84)

Chipp the Thinker

  1. Frozen Out of Time (83)

Spahztyk Hathookine

  1. To Cross the Burning Prince (83)

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