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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Maj'Dul  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level upto level 60
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Maj'Dul more
How to Start Speak to Raniyah in the respective Court for your faction (Court of Truth, Coin or Blades).
part of: Citizenship Timeline
Preceded by:
Followed by:
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What does this information mean?

This quest is the quest given to players with kindly faction with one of the three courts in Maj'Dul to receive their gate spell to Maj'Dul, Call of Ro.


  1. First and foremost you need to go into the Court building that you have kindly faction (+20,000) with, and find Raniyah. She is in the stairway going down to the bank. Talk with her and then find Dharr.
  2. Speak to Dharr in a building in southern Maj'Dul. This is an instanced zone called Dharr's Residence at: ( -115, 138, 118 ) /waypoint -115.21, 137.94, 117.87.
  3. He will ask you to kill the an exiled Sha'ir in The Sinking Sands. He is found near the Undercity Arena at ( -291, -103, -238 ) /waypoint -291, -103, -238.
  4. You then return to the Dharr in his room to find him being murdered by a Sha'ir investigator. Kill his murderer.
  5. You must then speak to the Sha'ir Messenger in Maj'Dul. She spawns twice a Norrath day (one of the times being 12:00AM, and the other seems to be 8:30PM - she has also been found at 8:00AM) at the Tower of the Moon
    • NOTE: it appears this is a triggered spawn, try zoning in from The Sinking Sands a few times and running straight for the Tower of the Moon, she very regularly seems to be starting her path, unless she's very recently been spawned. ( -155, 177, -131 ) /waypoint -155, 177, -131 Eq2map and then patrols up past the arena ( -101, 167, 64 ) /waypoint -101, 167, 64 and finally to Champion's Court ( 29, 137, 187 ) /waypoint 29, 137, 187, where she despawns.
  6. She will tell you that you must attune the orb to four key places. These places are different for each character, chosen from a pool of locations. Known locations are:
    • Maj'Dul
      • Immerse the Orb in the Fountain in The Golden Scepter courtyard in Maj'Dul: ( 93, 149, -144 ) /waypoint 93, 149, -144
      • Bring the orb into a tunnel in Maj'Dul ( -135, 140, 80 ) /waypoint -135, 140, 80
    • The Sinking Sands
      • Immerse the orb in the spring water of The Oasis of Marr in the Sinking Sands ( -1106, -204, 55 ) /waypoint -1106, -204, 55
      • Place the orb in a campfire beneath the Maj'Dul Plateau in the Sinking Sands ( -140, -109, -41 ) /waypoint -140, -109, -41
      • Go to the top of a rock spire off the coast of the Sinking Sands: ( -1328, -177, -1140 ) /waypoint -1328, -177, -1140
      • Cavern beneath The Eye of Anuk in the Sinking Sands: ( -657, -222, -1199 ) /waypoint -657, -222, -1199
      • Must place the orb in a campfire near the Oasis of Marr: In the Croc Hunter Camp near the Croc Caves in the Sinking Sands: ( -1242, -214, -296 ) /waypoint -1242, -214, -296
    • The Pillars of Flame
      • Climb a tall spire off the coast of the Pillars of Flame: ( 1574, -98, -64 ) /waypoint 1574, -98, -64 at the Djinn island.
      • Harpy's Nest in the Pillars of Flame: Up a climbable wall at ( 706, -96, -1229 ) /waypoint 706, -96, -1229.
      • Touch the orb to the earth at the foot of The Great Bonsai in the Pillars of Flame: ( 152, -190, -1670 ) /waypoint 152, -190, -1670
      • Immerse the orb in a small spring in the Pillars of Flame: ( 249, -108, -676 ) /waypoint 249, -108, -676 near the Sunstriders
      • Place the orb in a Blacksmith's Forge in the Pillars of Flame: ( 63, -86, -742 ) /waypoint 63, -86, -742 at the Swiftrider camp.
        • Note: this update can be a bit tricky; the back left corner of the forge (near the bucket) seems to be the only place to give an update. The blacksmiths forge update in Pillar of Flame can be gotten from standing on top of the forge I had to jump around a bit and it finally updated!
        • (Get off horse and actually climb onto Mender Grunthik's Forge from the front and it will update easily.)
  7. After visiting all four locations, you receive your reward.


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