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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone Fens of Nathsar (Rise of Kunark)
Location Up the cliffs to the west of the zone in from Kylong Plains ( 1064, 207, 1368 ) /waypoint 1064, 207, 1368
Discovery Location (AA) yes

What does this information mean?


  • There is a sokokar post here.
  • Home of the faction by the same name Bathezid's Watch
  • To check faction, press C to open the character window. Click on the Factions tab. Use the drop down arrow to select Kunark from the list. If you have not yet earned faction, Kunark will not appear as an option in the drop down list.

Related QuestsEdit

  1. Favor of the Di'Zok (71)
  2. The Others (71)
  3. Toothy Maws (71)
  4. Advancing on the Advancers (72)
  5. Blades of Steel (72)
  6. Hidden Communications (72)
  7. Mystic Advice (72)
  8. Riliss Lieutenants (72) Heroic
  9. Scalerot Cure (72)
  10. Scouting For Scouts (72)
  11. The Source (72)
  12. Warding Blood (72)
  13. Watchful Eyes (72) Repeatable
  14. Last Minute Reprieve (72)
  15. Cloudy and Future Danger (73)

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