Barren Sky Timeline
Recommended Levels 60 to 67
Introduced: Kingdom of Sky
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: The Barren Sky
Preceded by: Tenebrous Tangle Timeline
Followed by: Bonemire Timeline

This zone was revamped in 2010 and is now a suitable place to quest in the mid-60's. It transitions smoothly to the Bonemire Timeline around level 66.

Isle of DesolationEdit

Hooluk Series - begins with Elder Cloudsight

  1. [63] Assisting the Hooluk
  2. [64] Serving the Land - rewards bracelet
  3. [65] Chirok Starwhisper
  4. [65] Harun Clearsky of the Hooluk High Guard - rewards cape, best done at the same time as A Desperate Situation
  5. [66] To Discord Isle
  6. [66] Disturbing Blackwind
  7. [67] Ahnha Leeshadow
  8. [67] The Inhabitants of Cloudmist Isle - rewards shield/2H weapon/offhand weapon/symbol
  9. [67] Taer Felwind
  10. [67] Necessary Sub-Components
  11. [68] Reunion
  12. [68] A Devious Plan
  13. [70] Culture of the Aviaks
  14. [70] Might of the Aviaks - rewards earring

Cloudpuff Series - begins with Constance Cloudpuff

  1. [65] A Desperate Situation - best done at the same time as Harun Clearsky of the Hooluk High Guard
  2. [65] And So It Begins
  3. [65] Retracing Her Steps
  4. [65] Beauty Is In The... Eh You Know The Rest
  5. [62] Is it Vortexes, Vortices, or Vortexti?
  6. [65] Not Suspicious At All
  7. [62] The Devil is in the Details
  8. [65] Dem Bones, Dem Bones Gonna Walk Aroun'
  9. [65] Boney Revelations
  10. [65] Wings N' Things
  11. [65] To Catch The Sky - rewards earring

Flitter Feathertoe

Nerdar's Steam Bot

Whisperwind IsleEdit

Duf'hee Stormtalon

Penny Dreadful

  1. [62] Emergency Floozlegigs
  2. [63] Spare Change?
  3. [64] Water Water Everywhere
  4. [64] A Feather for Your Thoughts

Minnikin Folnor


Cloud Mount seriesEdit

Introduced with LU55.
Listed below are the Cloud Mount Timeline quests that take place in The Barren Sky only; see Cloud Mount Timeline for the entire quest series.
Frigui Togginscog
  1. [63] In Search of a Bot
  2. [64] Another Broken Brain - rewards class-specific forearms
  3. [65] Third Bot is the Charm
  4. [66] Help from the Air - rewards class-specific helmet
  5. [67] Another Aerial Attempt - requires Volant language
  6. [67] Searching the Awakened
  7. [67] Heading into the Night - leads to The Bonemire

Strifewind IsleEdit

Fonwick Lumkin

Isle of AversionEdit

Murbert Fontwiss

Isle of DiscordEdit

Puddin Tain

The Vaults of El'AradEdit

Arcanist Nazoor

  1. Stranded! (74)

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