NOTE: See the category page for the standard tree view of Bard AAs.

The Bard Tree begins with the required starter skill Edit

  • Bard's Luck: Heroic Opportunity starting abilities have their reuse timers sped up by 100%. Additional points in this ability increase the Bard's stamina and agility by 4 points per rank.

The Bard Tree's 1st branch is for "Strength" Edit

  • Turnstrike: (Originally required equipped sword in primary) A melee attack that briefly renders you immune to most AOE effects; Turnstrike has a melee attack element, with damage scaling for each rank
  • Bladedance: Grants the prefix title BLADESINGER; For a short duration, the Bladesinger's group is protected against area effect abilities that do not directly target them.

The Bard Tree's 2nd branch is for "Agility" Edit

  • Bump: (Originally required equipped dagger in primary) Steals an item from a humanoid target with a % chance of success (scales each rank); Applies shroud on termination; Bump has a melee attack element, with damage scaling for each rank; Must be flanking or behind to Bump
  • Wayfarer's Watch: Increase parry of caster (increases per rank); Grants a chance at avoiding non-direct area effect spells by 1% (spell level resistance scales each rank)
  • Poison Concoction: On a successful attack this spell has a (scaling per rank) % chance to cast Poison on target; Lasts 24.0 seconds; Inflicts one-time and 4-second tick poison damage on target (scales each rank)
  • Vanishing Act: Grants the prefix title WAYFARER; Instantly places the Wayfarer's group into stealth for a short duration. The next non-combart art melee attack made against an ally will be avoided. Vanishing act can be used while in combat.

The Bard Tree's 3rd branch is for "Stamina" Edit

  • Round Bash: (Requires equipped round shield); Round Bash has a crushing damage attack element, with damage scaling for each rank; Applies Knockdown for a (scaling) amount of time if it hits.
  • Skald's Defense: (Requires equipped round shield); Increases the Skald's blocking ability and Multi Attack chance (increases per rank).
  • Fortissimo: Increases group members Multi Attack (increases per rank).
  • Lend Shielding: Grants the prefix title SKALD; (Requires equipped round shield); Allows you to block the next attack that would strike you or an ally.
  • Song of Shielding: Grants the bard a chance to avoid an attack for the target of the spell. This does not stack with similar spells granted through Alternate Achievements.

The Bard Tree's 4th branch is for "Wisdom" Edit

  • Messenger's Letter: (Requires equipped bow); Messenger's Letter has a ranged attack element, with damage scaling for each rank; The attack also increases threat to the target of your target.
  • Harbinger's Sonnet: Increases group movement speed; Increases in-combat group movement speed
  • Allegro: Increases Casting Speed of group members.
  • Swift Voices: Allegro will also grant recovery time to the group.

The Bard Tree's 5th branch is for "Intelligence" Edit

  • Rhythm Blade: (Originally required equipped rapier in primary) Increases Focus, Disruption, Ministration, Ordination, Subjugation, Slashing, Piercing, and Crushing of caster (scales each rank); Rhythm's Blade has a melee damage attack element, scaling for each rank
  • Heroic Storytelling: Grants the prefix title MINSTREL; Increases the effectiveness of all heroic opportunities by 50% (permanent group buff, no concentration required)
  • Precise Blades: Rhythm Blade gains an additional component which increases the bard's accuracy and reduces the chance a spell can be resisted.

The Final Ability Edit

  • Rhythmic Overture: Rhythmic Overture monitors the bard's damage on the target over a short duration. Once the overture has been completed, the bard may cast Victorious Concerto which adds a portion of that damage as an additional effect to the group. Additional ranks improve the damage amount. This Alternate Advancement grants two abilities.

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