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Barbarian (Character Race)

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Barbarian (Character Race)

from in-game Character Generation screen

Barbarian (Character Race) Male

Barbarian Male

Barbarian (Character Race) Female

Barbarian Female

Race Information
Home Cities: Freeport

Overview Edit

Barbarians are a race of tall humanoids created by Mithaniel and Erollisi Marr. This hardy race originally settled in the cold lands of the north, building their city of Halas within the frozen tundra of Everfrost. Their buildings are somewhat primitive by Human standards, making use of raw materials and simple architecture. Interiors are often decorated with trophies from battle as well as skins and hides used as tapestries for recording their culture's history and lore. The arrival of the barbarians on Norrath ushered in the Age of Blood. Barbarians moved outward from their northern home, initiating brutal battles with whatever races they encountered. Tribes would war with anyone, including other barbarians, as a means to grow in strength and power. Eventually the Marr twins sparked more insightful thinking among the barbarians, and these wiser folk became the fathers and mothers of the Human race.

Barbarians are known for wearing their emotions on their sleeves, and have no problem with telling you exactly what they think of you. They will gladly back up their boasts with a show of force.

Common Physical Traits Edit

  • Large race.
    • Males are muscular.
    • Females are buxom.
  • Hair is often referred to or looks like weapons or roles in Barbarian community.
    • Males often shown with full beards or no facial hair at all.
  • Common to have tattoos on them in blue referred to as woad.

Barbarian Traditions Edit

Choose one of these every 10th level up to 90.
Name Effect Duration
Wisdom of the Ages Grants a level-dependent increase to WIS.Passive
Hearty Constitution Grants a level-dependent increase to STA.Passive
Healing Touch Increases Ministration by 5.0. Passive
Divine Casting Improves the casting speed of beneficial spells by 2%. Passive
Skilled Defender Increases Parry, Defense, and Deflection by 5.0. Passive
Blocking Expertise Increases Deflection by 2.0 and Shield Effectiveness by 2.0%. Passive
Frosted Ales Increases duration of tradeskilled drinks by 10%. Passive
Nomadic Healing Increases out-of-combat power regeneration based on level. Passive
Soft Landings Decreases falling damage by 15.0%. Passive
Bind Wound Heals for 2.0% of max health while out of combat. 2.0 sec casting, recast 1.0 sec.
Collective ThoughtsIncreases mana pool by 3.0%.Passive
Tribal StrengthIncreases health pool by 3.0%.Passive
Devout BarrierIncreases arcane mitigation based on level.Passive
Tundra RuggednessIncreases physical mitigation based on level.Passive
Successful CreationsIncreases Durability per round by 1.0 and success chance by 1.0%.Passive
Durable GoodsIncreases Durability per round by 2.Passive
BrewmasterIncreases Artistry by 5.0.Passive
HerbologyIncreases Chemistry by 5.0.Passive
Halasian ArtistryReduces power cost of Carpentry skills by 9%.Passive
Innate Abilities
Tundra EnduranceIncreases speed by 5.0%.Passive
Impenetrable WillMakes caster immune to Stun effects.Instant, recast 5 min., duration 10.0 sec.
Sprint into BattleReduces initial power cost of Sprint by 30%, increases base speed of Sprint by 10.Passive
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