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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event
Journal Level 25 (Tier 3)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Castleview Hamlet more
How to Start Speak to Frup Groaak, a froglok in Qeynos Harbor just ouside the Castleview Hamlet gate ( 724, -20, -90 ) /waypoint 723.83, -20.03, -90.17
part of: Froglok Timeline
Preceded by:
The Missing
Followed by:
When Darkness Comes

What does this information mean?


After allowing Frup Groaak to meditate on the death of Giidib, Frup asks you to find the assassin responsible.

  1. Receive the Shard of Marr from Frup.
  2. Enter Antonica and travel to the Tower of Vhalen. ( -1300, 0, 45 ) /waypoint -1300, 0, 45
  3. Before you near the tower, activate the Shard of Marr to spawn the Spirit of Giidib. (The spirit walks at a slow pace. Activating the shard nearer to the tower will allow you to travel faster.) Once the Spirit of Giidib spawns, right click him, and select "Take me to the assassin."
  4. Approach the Tower of Vhalen to spawn Viragos, the Assassin of the Hand, then kill him.
  5. Return to Frup Groaak for your reward.

[25/10/2015 on Splitpaw (EU)]: Approached Tower of Vhalen on flying mount. Without interacting with the shard at all, Viragos, the Assasin of the Hand spawned (level 29^). Upon slaying him the quest skipped to step 5. above. It appears the shard has been rendered superfluous.

Rewards Edit

  • Experience

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