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EverQuest II Alternate Advancement Information
AAs » Shadows AAs » Crusader Shadows AAs
Aura of the Crusader Rank (*/5)
Crusader 1 point
Requires 10 AA Points spend in Crusader tree
Aura of the Crusader cures the crusader of any stifle, root, stun, fear, or target forcing effect and makes them immune to these effects for a short duration.
Target Self
Power 181
Casting 0.5 seconds
Recast 1 minute
  • Dispels X levels of hostile Fear, hostile Root, hostile Daze, hostile Stun, hostile Prevent Changing Target and hostile stifle effects on caster
  • Casts Aura of the Crusader for each successful Dispel lasts for 20.0 seconds
    • Makes caster immune to Stun effects
    • Makes caster immune to Fear effects
    • Makes caster immune to Stifle effects
    • Makes caster immune to Root effects
    • Makes caster immune to effects that prevent changing targets
    • Makes caster immune to Daze effects


  • Disspels X levels
    • at level 90: 119

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