Armor Set: Attacker's Aura of Death

  • (2) 3% Crit Bonus, +675 Ability Modifier, 3% Flurry Chance, 3% Extra Parry Chance, 15% Multi Attack Chance

This armor may only be worn by All Fighters and All Scouts

This armor is dropped as follows:

Band of Rampaging DefenseHand of VallonVallon's Tower (Challenge)
Band of the Avazek Death SquadronLieutenant KlaatuusTallon's Stronghold (Challenge)
Band of the Drachnid PlanewalkerAaranae AcrimaeSullon's Spire (Challenge)
Bold Ring of the Kobold ChampionHragdold the FrenziedSullon's Spire (Challenge)
Circlet of the Supreme DeadeyeTallon ZekTallon's Stronghold (Challenge)
Clutch of Diakan FortitudeEriak the FetidPlane of War
Clutch of Kobold ConstitutionHragdold the FrenziedSullon's Spire (Challenge)
Clutch of the Honorbound AvazekGlokus WindhelmPlane of War
Clutch of the Spire MatronAaranae AcrimaeSullon's Spire (Challenge)
Curator's Lightning Etched BandPrime-Curator UndrTemple of Rallos Zek: Foundations of Stone (Challenge)
Decorin Runed RingGlokus WindhelmPlane of War
Dominant Band of Plane ShiftingMrogr BloodtaintSullon's Spire (Challenge)
Dominant Circlet of the Supreme DeadeyeMrogr BloodtaintSullon's Spire (Challenge)
Etched Band of Plane ShiftingTallon ZekTallon's Stronghold (Challenge)
Forceful Band of the AvazeksLieutenant KlaatuusTallon's Stronghold (Challenge)
Forceful Ring of Polished BonesLieutenant KlaatuusTallon's Stronghold (Challenge)
Glittering Ring of Icy AtonementEirreen the BrokenKraytoc's Fortress of Rime (Challenge)
Ring of the Sleetsaber GuardEirreen the BrokenKraytoc's Fortress of Rime (Challenge)
Ring of Toxic Warboar BloodEriak the FetidPlane of War
Ring of Undying FealtyPrime-Curator UndrTemple of Rallos Zek: Foundations of Stone (Challenge)
Runecarved Band of Industrious LacerationHand of VallonVallon's Tower (Challenge)
Spiked Ring of Polished BonesLieutenant KlaatuusTallon's Stronghold (Challenge)
Stalwart Band of Industrious LacerationAmbassador GrindstoneVallon's Tower (Challenge)
Stalwart Band of Rampaging DefenseAmbassador GrindstoneVallon's Tower (Challenge)


This set was combined from these sets that were removed from the game:

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