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EverQuest II Alternate Advancement Information
AAs » Artisan AAs » Artisan's Tradeskill Prestige line
Artisan's Gathering Goblin Rank (*/1)
Tradeskill Prestige 1 point
Requires 3 points in Seasoned Harvesting
(none given)
Target Self
Power scales
Casting 2 second
Recast 1 seconds
Duration 10 minutes
Effect Radius 25.0 meters
  • Summons an Artisan's Gathering Goblin
  • Can not be modified except by direct means


This Tradeskill Alternate Advancement ability from the Prestige line is a tiny goblin ability one can cast.

  • After he appears, click the goblin to choose which materials (by by tier) to "send" it to get. The goblin will remain by you/follow you unless you cancel the spell manually and eventually vanishes.
  • Even if you manually cancel the goblin to reduce screen clutter while doing other things, he is still gathering!
  • The goblin has a chance to return with rare materials.

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