This is a Prefix Title earned by gaining 10,000 (amiable) faction with the The Watchers of Timorous in Gorowyn.

To set a title:

  1. Press C to open the Character window
  2. Click on the Options tab. Locate the drop down arrow that allows you to choose this title or any others you may have earned

To see your title, press F1 on your keyboard. Doing so selects your charcater and allows you to see the full name, all titles, and (if you have joined one) the guild tag your character has floating above your head when others meet you.

Other Uses of the TermEdit

The following are not related to this title, but you may here the word used in these contexts:

  • May also refer to the most basic versions of a character's spells before they are upgraded to adepts, masters or grandmasters.
  • It may also be used to refer to Tradeskill Apprentices.