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The continent of Antonica used to be the largest continent on Norrath. Historically, it was the home continent of the humans, barbarians, halflings, dark elves, trolls and ogres. It sat in the middle of the map of the known world, east of Odus and west and southwest of Faydwer. The Plains of Karana covered most of the center.

Humans were the dominant race on the continent and they established two cities, Qeynos in the West and Freeport in the east. They also established the Sacred Grove in the wilderness near Qeynos. The Barbarians lived in the frigid northlands, where they established Halas. The halflings lived in a lightly wooded area called the Misty Thicket near the center of the continent. In the south, the trolls lived in the Innothule Swamp, and the ogres lived in a jungle called The Feerrott. The dark elves lived under Nektulos Forest.

During the Shattering, it was ripped to pieces by the falling shards of Luclin. Although most of the regions survived in one form or another, many of them drifted off to become islands. The two larger pieces became known as Karan, after the former Plains of Karana, and D'Lere, after Lucan D'Lere, the ruler of Freeport.

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