Qeynos Rulers
1. Vallius Bayle
2. Antonius Bayle I
3. Antonius Bayle II
4. Antonius Bayle III
5. Antonius Bayle IV
6. Anton and Antea Bayle
7. Antonius Bayle V
8. Antonius Bayle VI
9. Antonius Bayle VII
10. The Circle of Five
11. Antonia Bayle

Appellation: The Twin Monarchs

Forebear: Antonius Bayle IV

Progeny: Antonius Bayle V

Time of Rule: The Age of War

History: Since the beginning, these twins were somewhat malicious folk. They were, in a sense, the bad seeds of the Bayle lineage. These twins caused trouble for anyone around them all through their life. They had a very strong bond, seeming more like king and queen rather than sibling rulers. These two were so close that when Antea was slain by a raiding band of the revived Rallosians, the other fell into a pit of depression that led to suicide.

We known that Anton fathered at least one male son, Antonius the Fifth, by a handmaiden serving his sister.


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