Anashti Sul
Deity symbol anashti
The Undying
Alignment - Evil
Prophet - Plumetor Dul'Sadma

Anashti Sul, the original Prime Healer, was sentenced to non-existence by the other gods when she unwittingly released undeath upon the inhabitants of early Norrath. Rodcet Nife would be later appointed to take her place.[1]


The Former Prime Healer, as depicted in The Fountain of Life

References to this former goddess can be found within the Desert of Flames expansion.

Accepting Your DeityEdit

Anashti Sul (Silent City)

The uncorrupted Anashti in the Silent City prior to being unlocked as a worshipable-deity.

Speak to Plumetor Dul'Sadma ( -1580, -231, -415 ) /waypoint -1580, -231, -415 in Sinking Sands to become a follower of Anashti Sul.

Note: This Deity is only available after Anashti Sul has been defeated in the Palace of the Ancient One raid zone. Once defeated in the raid zone, this deity is unlocked for the entire server. For a list of servers this deity is known to be unlocked on, see the talk page. Before the deity was unlocked, an NPC non void-touched version appeared in the Silent City.

Devotion QuestsEdit

  1. Gathering Feathers
  2. The Unwelcome Regents
  3. Sounding the Clarion
  4. What is Rightfully Hers
  5. Return of the Forgotten Goddess


Blessing Name Favor Description
Power From Beyond 750 Improves spell and combat art damage by 10%
Stench of Decay 875 Reduces all incoming noxious damage by 10%
Undying Hatred 1000 Transfers 15% of group's hatred to caster (10 mins)
Hand of Death 1125 On any successful attack, inflict 454 disease damage
Crippling Blow 1250 On any successful attack where the target is under 20% health, inflicts 817 disease damage


Miracle Name Favor Description
Six Feet Under 1125 Debuff that procs damage on a target mob when it takes damage (amount depends on creature strength and health)
Spirit Siphon 1312 30s duration, single target debuff that returns a portion of your damage as health and power
Deadly Rampage 1500 15s duration, 20 trigger, 800ish damage reactive shield
Angel of Death 1687 Summons a Limited Pet to aid the caster (30s duration)
Undying Fury 1875 25s buff, increases spell/melee crit by 25, 20% primary weapon flurry, spell double attack by 33


Pet Cloak Avatar
Undying Servant Cloak of the Forgotten Anashti Sul (Contested)
Undying Servant Cloak of the Forgotten Anashti Sul (Contested)

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