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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage  (AA)
Journal Level 55 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Epic
Starting Zone The Pillars of Flame more
How to Start Examine a A Piece of Ancient Parchment which drops from Desert Madmen, Maniacs and Lunatics, as well as Desert Prophets and Raja the Sunspeaker's group in The Pillars of Flame.
part of: Heritage Quests Timeline
Preceded by:
A Thread of Hope
Followed by:
Casualties of the War of the Fay
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Steps Edit

  1. Find Planetologist Ahkar in the city of Maj'Dul. ( -150, 177, -124 ) /waypoint -150, 177, -124.
  2. Speak to Harshaa in The Sinking Sands. ( -405, -155, -1331 ) /waypoint -405, -155, -1331 Just north of Twin Tears.
  3. Kill the desert madmen that spawn and attack you.
  4. Speak to Harshaa again once the madmen have been defeated.
  5. Slay The Prophet of the Desert at the altar in the Sinking Sands. ( -651, -105, -514 ) /waypoint -651, -105, -514
    • Kill the 4 groups of desert lunatics around the altar, this will instantly spawn the Prophet, who is no longer a heroic and instead a single-up solo mob.
  6. Examine the altar.
  7. Speak to Harshaa again. ( -405, -155, -1331 ) /waypoint -405, -155, -1331.
  8. Return to Planetologist Ahkar. Ahkar will then direct you to recover some artifacts from the Samiel Pirates.
  9. Stow away on board the Samiel Pirate ship. Do this by hiding in a box located at ( -2164, -228, -24 ) /waypoint -2164, -228, -24 in the The Sinking Sands. This will zone you into A Samiel Pirate Ship.
  10. Find the key you need by killing Lieutenant Kielmal (54^^^).
  11. Open the chest (thus taking the relics). Then use the wheel to zone out to the docks in the The Sinking Sands.
  12. Return to Planetologist Ahkar.
  13. Find more information about the Legend of Rahotep.
  14. Return to Planetologist Ahkar.
  15. Destroy the Legions of Rahotep. It's a group encounter, with tank and healer at least level 60 is recommended for this group. There are approximately 24 mobs of lvl. 55^, ^^ and ^^^ undead creatures, followed by Rahotep himself (Lv. 55x2 ).
    • Begin the encounter by going to approx ( -281, -139, -1171 ) /waypoint -281, -139, -1171, which is a north exit from the Northern lake of the Twin Tears, in the Sinking Sands.
    • WARNING: The Rahotep event will begin immediately when someone on that step of the quest gets around that area. The event will despawn relatively quickly. There used to be a 2 hour respawn timer, but now he will respawn if you fail. (confirmed 9/28/2012). As of 1/19/2013, the respawn time after failure is approximately 20 minutes.
    • Note: Induce some berserkers and healers to help. You probably cannot finish this by yourself.
    • Note: Rahotep has been changed into a epicx2 mob now, a 4x raid is no longer required.
  16. Return to Planetologist Ahkar to claim your reward!

Reward Edit

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