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Alternative Warriors are a small, social guild on the Splitpaw server. Originally started on Runnyeye.

We tend to be more casual/relaxed about the game, we try and help people the best we can.

Currently we have 2 people online who are leveling the guild:

Locar (90 Warden/34 Tailor) Drevila (90 Necromancer/ 90 Provisioner)

we have various alts and do alot of older content for HQ's/Quests/Grinding mobs

all are welcome and we ask that people be polite and have a sense of humour.

Guild is currently level 43 and we have a T1 guild hall (South Freeport) with call beacon, Tradeskill amenities and harvest box. Best time to find us online is between 08:00AM - 2300PM GMT (-8Hrs PST)

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