This timeline gives the details of the collection quests introduced as part of the Altar of Malice expansion. These collections listed here are part of the overall list of collections available in EverQuest II, which are listed at Collection Quests Timeline.

The collections that are listed below are needed to get the Mithril Ring of Amplified Power ring.
Mithril Ring of Amplified Power

Mithril Ring of Amplified Power

An overview of how the collections needed to obtain the charm are linked together can be viewed at Altar of Malice Collection Timeline/Summary.

Summary Edit

This is a summary of the main hierarchy of collection quests added as part of the Altar of Malice expansion.

(1) There are fifteen shiny collections (numbers 1-15 below) completed from ground spawns in the Tranquil Sea outdoor zone. These allow the completion of the Shields of Tranquil Sea meta-collection, and earn the Shield of the Tranquil Sea for the final collection.

(2) There are fifteen more shiny collections (numbers 16-30 below) completed from ground spawns in the Phantom Sea outdoor zone. These allow the completion of the Shields of Phantom Sea meta-collection, and earn the Shield of the Phantom Sea for the final collection.

(3) There are five shiny collections (numbers 31-35 below) completed from ground spawns in the AOM Advanced Solo zones. These allow the completion of the Altar of Malice Medals meta-collection, and earn the Shattered Seas Medal for the final collection.

(4) There are five shiny collections (numbers 36-40 below) completed from ground spawns in the "Brokenskull Bay: Spoils of Maraud" contested zone. These allow the completion of the Ship Wheels meta-collection, and earn the Silk Stitched Hate's Fury Flag for the final collection.

(5) There are five more shiny collections (numbers 41-45 below) completed from ground spawns in the "Ossuary of Malevolence" contested zone. These allow the completion of the Ossuary Busts meta-collection, and earn the Bone Carved Bust of Lanys T'Vyl for the final collection.

(6) There are fifteen more shiny collections (numbers 46-60 below) completed from ground spawns in the various heroic zones. There are five groups of three collections each, and each group is obtained in the heroic zone(s) at a particular quest hub (the hubs being Brokenskull Bay, Zavith'loa, Ossuary of Malevolence, Castle Highhold and Ssraeshza Temple). These allow the completion of the Tales of Malice meta-collection, and earn the Tales of the Shattered Seas for the final collection.

These steps can be completed in any order.

Basic Collections Edit

1. Foregone Artifacts (Quests 1-5: Tranquil Sea zone, Isle of Refuge)

  • Garven's Registry
  • Rivicea's Collection Box
  • Caretaker Fairless's Wrench
  • Slumlord Valthun's Dirty Bucket
  • Ambassador Saera's Shiny Coin
  • Ambassador T'Kirr's Copper Badge

2. Fragments of Island Folk

  • Ebik's Cog Collection
  • Cook Stubfoot's Stew Pot
  • Quarter Master Brennar's Log
  • Galen Crestrider's Mug
  • Mannus' Tool Kit
  • Ihean's Coin Pouch

3. Heirlooms of Heroes Past

  • Ingrid's Looking Glass
  • Varlos' Gold Pen
  • Duke Ferrin's Medal
  • Xaliea's Poultice Bag
  • Vladiminns' Bow
  • Nathinia's Talisman

4. Remnants of Refuge

  • Cantrie's Fishing Hook
  • Deebo's Fishing Pole
  • Dovin's Merchant Sack
  • Gerrin's Pocket Watch
  • Valik's Map Book
  • Anikra's Doll

5. Shreds of the Past

  • V'Raen's Visor
  • Bogtooth's Breastplate
  • Mizmozzle's Mace
  • Ssilith's Sword
  • Tanglor's Tower Shield
  • Tugar's Trench Knife

6. Death Weave Flora (Quests 6-10: Tranquil Sea zone, Death Weave Isle)

  • Blood Amaryllis
  • Poison Gardenias
  • Ruby Lotus
  • Baneful Bird of Paradise
  • Sacred Calla Lily
  • Heliconias

7. Relics of the Lost

  • Tribal Totem
  • Shaman Spear
  • Wind Talisman
  • Earth Talisman
  • Water Talisman
  • Spider Effigy

8. The Ruby Emperor

  • Ruby Emperor Eye
  • Ruby Emperor Leg
  • Ruby Emperor Antenna
  • Ruby Emperor Wing
  • Ruby Emperor Carapace
  • Ruby Emperor Mandible

9. Urzarach Chaos

  • Eye of the Lost
  • Soul of the Lost
  • Intellect of the Lost
  • Mind of the Lost
  • Concept of the Lost
  • Silence of the Lost

10. Waters So Sacred

  • Bead of Sacred Water
  • Emerald Dewdrop
  • Blue Dewdrop
  • Bead of Revered Water
  • Clear Dewdrop
  • Bead of Divine Water

11. Ancient Animals (Quests 11-15: Tranquil Sea zone, South Dshinn Isle)

  • Ipsumodon Spirit Totem
  • Apatodon Spirit Totem
  • Aragodon Spirit Totem
  • Pterodon Spirit Totem
  • Cerodon Spirit Totem
  • Stegodon Spirit Totem

12. Grim Grimlings

  • Agitated Spear
  • Aggravated Mace
  • Frantic Dagger
  • Covetous Sword
  • Avaricious Lance
  • Acquistive Hammer

13. Reptilian Relics

  • Spinemaster's Crusher
  • Ambusher's Net
  • Bowmaster's Line
  • Woundbreaker's Talisman
  • Boneshadow's Knife
  • Lavalescent's Shield

14. Scrubby Little Symbols

  • Bawck Gib Gua
  • Jaf Mung Tah
  • Txua Vov Zaunk
  • Arf Ghav Keff
  • Kian Mraaww
  • Baj Wooah

15. Tokens from the Tiny

  • Zedj's Tribal Spear
  • Yurwri's Poultice
  • Starque's Saddle
  • Lagni's Pickle Jar
  • Kowli's Harpoon
  • Finze's Wisdom Staff

16. Bad Juju (Quests 16-20: Phantom Sea zone, North Dshinn Isle)

  • Talisman of Claw
  • Talisman of Dirt
  • Talisman of Darkness
  • Talisman of Blood
  • Talisman of Flesh
  • Talisman of Tooth

17. Far Seas Seasoning

  • Erollisian Cinnamon
  • Zekian Black Pepper
  • Kunarkian Cardamom
  • Karanian Ginger
  • Ykeshan Tumeric
  • Faydwerian Cassia

18. Igneous Ideal

  • Orange Scapolite
  • Violet Sodalite
  • Yellow Peridot
  • Rainbow Labradorite
  • Azure Hauyne
  • Golden Datolite

19. Official Oriflamme

  • Flag of Ferrin
  • Flag of the Far Shore
  • Flag of the Far Talon
  • Flag of the Far Journey
  • Flag of the Far Dawn
  • Flag of Greymast

20. Old-Fashioned Ossein

  • Aragodon Vertebrae
  • Cerodon Skull
  • Pterodon Metacarpal
  • Apatodon Carpal
  • Stegodon Tibia
  • Ipsumodon Femur

21. Ancient Kithicor Artifacts (Quests 21-25: Phantom Sea zone, Kithicor Isle)

  • Dagger of the Jewelborn
  • Cape of the Cloaked Figure
  • Gull’s Mirror
  • Farondi’s Sword
  • Cathil’s Whiskey Flask
  • Shadowbane’s Bow

22. Castle Highhold Heirlooms

  • Greyeagle’s Pouch
  • Blackguard’s Ring
  • Tarburner’s Comb
  • Rossook’s Pipe
  • Whistlewood’s Cameo
  • Greenbane’s Bracelet

23. Ghorkaal Relics

  • Boots of the Deathweaver
  • Staff of the Cursespinner
  • Blade of the Necromancer
  • Etched Helm of the Deathweaver
  • Robes of the Cursespinner
  • Dagger of the Poisonspinner

24. Kithicor Pine Cones

  • Ivy Etched Pinyon
  • Wonderer's Knot Pinyon
  • Highpass Pine Cone
  • Kithicor Pinyon
  • Blessed Knoll Pine Cone
  • Ghorkaal Pine Cone

25. Objects of Malice

  • Talisman of the Flesh Stripper
  • Mace of Dark Obscenity
  • Helm of Disembodied Spirit
  • Ring of Imbued Blood
  • Blood Inquisitor's Dagger
  • Primordial Talisman

26. Akhevan Antiquity (Quests 26-30: Phantom Sea zone, Grim Shales Isle)

  • Helm of the Torgarath
  • Symbol of Diabo Xin Thall
  • Ring of Diabo Rentha
  • Effigy of Aten Ha Ra
  • Blade of the Liako
  • Mask of the Senshali

27. Deadly Plants

  • Kithicor Castor Bean
  • Tranquil Oleander
  • Dark Snakeroot
  • Purple Bladderwort
  • Dshinn Hemlock
  • Phantom Monks Hood

28. Grimling Glamour

  • Skullsmasher’s Bash
  • Spiritchanter’s Devouring
  • Skullsmasher’s Might
  • Spellsplitter’s Force
  • Spiritchanter’s Madness
  • Spellsplitter’s Inferno

29. Grim Shales Ferns

  • Painted Fern
  • Maiden's Hair Fern
  • Nest Fern
  • Cinnamon Fern
  • Shale Tree Fern
  • Holly Fern

30. Scaly Superstition

  • Scale of Korazhk
  • Scale of Ssraeshza
  • Scale of Ssravish
  • Scale of Zherozsh
  • Scale of Zhesz
  • Scale of RhagZadune

31. Shiver Me Timbers (Quests 31-35: Advanced Solo Instances)

  • Deckhand Gronk's Grog
  • Captain Nayate's Hat
  • Deckhand Smalls' Boots
  • Vasril's Rapier
  • Beggar Jonsey's cup
  • Mildred Saggybottoms' Pantaloons
  • Forgemaster Belum's Hammer
  • Poochy's Collar
  • Spotter Ratigan's Eye Glass
  • Brawlin Bones' Cigar
  • Jailer Krentis Van'Tesen's Keys
  • Gwarr Venomfang's Eye
  • Cannonball Yenkins' Cannonball
  • Railmaster Junres' Wrench
  • Alchemist Flera Von'tis' Flask

32. Lurking in the Grass

  • Unatu's Stone Hammer
  • Poxrata's Wand
  • Brudu's Dagger
  • Arch Lich Rhag'Zadune's Scepter
  • Grudu's Sword
  • The Earthen Behemoth's Fist
  • Rhag'Yalzzen's Signet Ring
  • Valthsis' Battle Sword
  • Rhag'Vozgath's Talisman
  • Kavis Set'Ra's Ebon Mace
  • Kesa'Tra Xon'Xiu's Iron Battleaxe
  • Kavis Sha Ra's Pauldron
  • Kessatras Sonssiu's Monocle
  • Pov Xin'Kaas' Club
  • Stonefang's Tail

33. A Persons House is Their Castle

  • Zom Xakra'Kass' Silken Shoes
  • Zona Centi'Kass' Evil Robes
  • Insider Pinboggle's Doohickey
  • Sa'Dax Senhali's Cloak
  • Woglok's Shiny Knife
  • Shograh's Robes
  • Va Tak Telaris' Ebon Claw
  • Insider T'Shal's Notes
  • Sevien Ka'Lal's Bracer
  • Thresinel's Jeweled Wand
  • Kladnog Shralok's Bone Hammer
  • Gudre Blackhand's Dark Scimitar
  • Qworux's Royal Helm
  • Tulonk Shralok's Glowing Eye
  • Vexven Mucktail's Spirit Essence

34. Mushrooms and Deinodons and Lizards, Oh My!

  • Huntmaster Au'mari's Feathered Spear
  • Gra'ta the Mountain's Toe
  • The Swamp Mother's Tooth
  • Mo'iana the Ravenous' Eye
  • Beastmaster Kau'mua's Mace
  • Sharptooth's Ear
  • Defender Honu's Dagger
  • Lavacrafter Peleaina's Talisman
  • Pterotrainer Yu'lua's Net
  • Scytheclaw's Fang
  • Obsidian Warrior Koa's Blade
  • Littlefoot's Hide
  • High Priest Hamanu'akaloa's Scepter
  • The Unnamed Hunter's Ring
  • Fiery Effigy of Clotl'thoa

35. Death, Blood, Death

  • Prime Inquisitor Darkthrall's Flail
  • Bonestorm's Shards
  • Herreo Cibum's Claw
  • Byushin's Dagger
  • Trakex's Torture Tools
  • Marrowbore's Mandibles
  • Tim and Tom's Helmets
  • Koron K'Lel's Baton
  • Ostiophobe's Carapace
  • Eternal Watcher's Wing
  • Ossiatic's Scourge
  • Malum Mortem's Blood
  • Rancor Cruor's Fist
  • Bloodhag's Poultice
  • Phasma Destler's Song

36. Brokenskull Earrings (Quests 36-40: Brokenskull Bay: Spoils of Maraud (Contested))

  • Morin's Silver Stud
  • Drunkard'Earring
  • Swabby's Iron Stud
  • Krasnok's Earring
  • Barins Silver Hoop
  • Draggerhearts Hoop
    • Reward Queen's Revenge (for the Ship Wheels meta-collection)

37. Pirate Coat Buttons

  • Golden Silversmith Button
  • Silver Swirl Button
  • Golden Shank Button
  • Bone-Carved Pants Button
  • Silver Shank Button
  • Bone-Carved Vest Button
    • Reward Loyal Swabby (for the Ship Wheels meta-collection)

38. Pirate Protection

  • Captain’s Hat
  • First Mate’s Hat
  • Boatswain’s Hat
  • Lieutenant’s Hat
  • Gunner’s Hat
  • Quartermaster’s Hat
    • Reward Royal Opulence (for the Ship Wheels meta-collection)

39. Pirate Ship Pieces

  • Rusted Backstay
  • Jib Sheet
  • Skull Adorned Anchor
  • Bronze Cringle
  • Tattered Bolt Rope
  • Wooden Block
    • Reward Golden Trinity (for the Ship Wheels meta-collection)

40. Treasure Maps

  • Half Treasure Map
  • Wet Treasure Map
  • Leather Treasure Map
  • Torn Treasure Map
  • Burnt Treasure Map
  • Folded Treasure Map
    • Reward Norrath's Galley (for the Ship Wheels meta-collection)

41. Ossuary Chasuble (Quests 41-45: Ossuary of Malevolence (Contested))

  • Chasuble of the Inquisitor
  • Chasuble of the Bloodpriest
  • Chasuble of the Unproven
  • Chasuble of the Prime Inquisitor
  • Chasuble of the Bonesummoner
  • Chasuble of the Bonecaster
    • Reward Bust of Virtuoso Edgar V'Zann (for the Ossuary Busts meta-collection)

42. Ossuary Medallions

  • Zealot’s Medallion
  • Bonecaster’s Medallion
  • Devotee’s Medallion
  • Persecutor’s Medallion
  • Torturer’s Medallion
  • Worshiper’s Medallion
    • Reward Bust of Villandre V'Zher (for the Ossuary Busts meta-collection)

43. Ossuary Skulls

  • Polished Sarnak Skull
  • Polished Erudite Skull
  • Polished Ogre Skull
  • Polished Gnome Skull
  • Polished Wood Elf Skull
  • Polished Dwarf Skull
    • Reward Bust of Prime Ritualist Darkthrall (for the Ossuary Busts meta-collection)

44. Ossuary Statuettes

  • Carved Wood Statuette
  • Carved Obsidian Statuette
  • Carved Stone Statuette
  • Carved Glass Statuette
  • Carved Bone Statuette
  • Carved Ivory Statuette
    • Reward Bust of Tserrina Syl'tor (for the Ossuary Busts meta-collection)

45. Pyxes of the Ossuary

  • Etched Golden Pyx
  • Wooden Carved Pyx
  • Etched Silver Pyx
  • Etched Mithril Pyx
  • Skull Shaped Pyx
  • Etched Bronze Pyx
    • Reward Bust of Ritual Keeper V'derin (for the Ossuary Busts meta-collection)

46. Brokenskull Bites (Quests 46-48: Brokenskull Bay (Heroic))

  • Hardtack
  • Moldy Cheese
  • Pickled Roots
  • Bone Soup
  • Salted Beef
  • Salted Pork
    • Reward Tales of Brokenskull Bay (for the Tales of Malice meta-collection)

47. Brokenskull Booze

  • Bumboo
  • Grog
  • Rumfustian
  • Dark Rum
  • Sangaree
  • Flip
    • Reward Tales of Captain Krasnok (for the Tales of Malice meta-collection)

48. Brokenskull Bullion

  • Silver Ferrin
  • Gold Doubloon
  • Gold Escudo
  • Gold Reale
  • Silver Escudo
  • Silver Reale
    • Reward Tales of the Hate's Fury (for the Tales of Malice meta-collection)

49. Zavith'loa Allu'thoa Idols (Quests 49-51: Zavith'loa (Heroic))

  • Basalt Clotl’thoa idol
  • Obsidion Clotl’thoa idol
  • Slate Clotl’thoa idol
  • Granite Clotl’thoa idol
  • Norite Clotl’thoa idol
  • Pumice Clotl’thoa idol
    • Reward Tales of the Allu’thoa (for the Tales of Malice meta-collection)

50. Zavith'loa Flowers

  • Blue Cohosh
  • Arching Caladium
  • Emerald Pokeroot
  • Ruby Datura
  • Fiery Yellow Bell
  • Azure Foxglove

51. Zavith'loa Mushrooms

  • Ivory Funnel
  • Purple Webcap
  • Black Trumpet
  • Deadly Dapperling
  • Crimson Ergot
  • Death Cap

52. Blood Stained Objects (Quests 52-54: Ossuary of Malevolence (Heroic))

  • Blood Stained Dagger
  • Blood Stained Book
  • Blood Stained Mace
  • Blood Stained Robes
  • Blood Stained Gloves
  • Blood Stained Scalpel
    • Reward Tales of Villandre V'Zher (for the Tales of Malice meta-collection)

53. Flesh Scraps

  • Charred Flesh Scrap
  • Serrated Flesh Scrap
  • Ripped Flesh Scrap
  • Rotten Flesh Scrap
  • Bloody Flesh Scrap
  • Punctured Flesh Scrap
    • Reward Tales of the Ossuary of Malevolence (for the Tales of Malice meta-collection)

54. Torture Tools

  • Knee Splitter
  • Bone Saw
  • Thumbscrews
  • Flesh Ripper
  • Heretics Fork
  • Primordial Tickler
    • Reward Tales of Tserrina Syl'tor (for the Tales of Malice meta-collection)

55. Shralok Shreds (Quests 55-57: Castle Highhold (Heroic))

  • Shralok Finger Bone
  • Shralok Heel Bone
  • Shralok Ankle Bone
  • Shralok Arm Bone
  • Shralok Toe Bone
  • Shralok Leg Bone
    • Reward Tales of Castle Highhold (for the Tales of Malice meta-collection)

56. Urzarach Weapons

  • Fist of the Bleederach
  • Pike of the Sorcerach
  • Staff of the Sorcerach
  • Club of the Enforcerach
  • Blade of the Bleederach
  • Mace of the Enforcerach

57. Whiz-Bangs

  • Grevog’s Flail
  • Zebrun’s Cuirass
  • Grethah’s Scepter
  • Zebrun’s Helm
  • Grevog’s Fire
  • Grethah’s Wand
    • Reward Tales of the Far Seas Trading Company (for the Tales of Malice meta-collection)

58. Akhevan Runes (Quests 58-60: Ssraeshza Temple (Heroic))

  • Zov Centien
  • Zov Va Dyn
  • Zov Liako
  • Zov Thall
  • Zov Senshali
  • Zov Va Liako
    • Reward Tales of the Ssraeshza Temple (for the Tales of Malice meta-collection)

59. Shissar Glass Idols

  • Shissar Wisdom Idol
  • Shissar Earth Idol
  • Shissar Strength Idol
  • Akhevan Idol
  • Akhevan Diabo Idol
  • Stonecutter’s Idol

60. Shissar Tools

  • Stonecutter’s Knife
  • Leather Straps
  • Stonecutter’s Hammer
  • Quarry Axe
  • Quarry Pick
  • Ebon Chisel

Meta-Collections Edit

Shields of Tranquil Sea (Items obtained by completing collections 1-15 above)

Shields of Phantom Sea (Items obtained by completing collections 16-30 above)

Altar of Malice Medals (Items obtained by completing collections 31-35 above)

Ship Wheels (Items obtained by completing collections 36-40 above)

Ossuary Busts (Items obtained by completing collections 41-45 above)

Tales of Malice (Items obtained by completing collections 46-60 above)

Final Meta-Collection for Final Reward Edit

Triumphs of Shattered Seas

Tradeskill Collections Edit

Far Trader Relics (Tranquil Sea)

  • Broken Rudder
  • Captain's Sextant
  • Far Trader Log Book
  • Far Trader Pennant
  • Scorched Goblin Cage
  • Sturdy Capstan
  • Waterlogged Boom
  • Waulon's Lucky Hat
  • Weathered Tiller
  • Well Greased Pulley
  • Wooden Spar
  • Worn Halyard

Misplaced Far Seas Mementos (Phantom Sea)

  • Purrla's Lucky Gnoll Tail
  • Korros' Gambling Dice
  • Matthew's Spare Scarf
  • Felice's Wineglass
  • Steve's Lost Spectacles
  • Karalyn's Salt Shaker
  • Ethan's King's Court Deck
  • Bartleby's Favorite Shield

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