Aliyah Vensdord

Aliyah Vensdord

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Faction Merchant
Race Human
Zone Kylong Plains (Rise of Kunark)
Location Teren's Grasp ( 2225, 528, -1007 ) /waypoint 2225, 528, -1007 Eq2map


Items for salePrice
Acid Scarred Gauntlets5p 80g 60s 80c
Bangle of Foresight4p 93g 51s 68c
Battledruid's Hide Headdress6p 46g 96s 32c
Battlepriest's Plate Barbute6p 46g 96s 32c
Battleshaman's Chainmail Skullcap6p 46g 96s 32c
Boots of the Drifter5p 39g 13s 60c
Boots of the Sathirian Shaman5p 39g 13s 60c
Boots of the Swift5p 39g 13s 60c
Bracers of Refraction5p 39g 13s 60c
Bracers of the Sathirian5p 39g 13s 60c
Centered Headband of Distraction6p 46g 96s 32c
Chokidai Banded Cap6p 46g 96s 32c
Cuffs of the Spell Spinner5p 39g 13s 60c
Fetid Wrap of Undeath4p 97g 66s 40c
Gold Inlaid Earring4p 97g 66s 40c
Greaves of the Demented7p 87s 68c
Howling Bracelet4p 97g 66s 40c
Ink Stained Sash4p 97g 66s 40c
Jungle Camouflage Tunic8p 8g 70s 40c
Kylong Kiteshield5p 39g 13s 60c
Lead Lined Helm6p 46g 96s 32c
Leather Bands of the Pious5p 39g 13s 60c
Leggings of the Silent7p 87s 68c
Mantle of the Cutpurse6p 46g 96s 32c
Mantle of the Spell Spinner6p 46g 96s 32c
Moss Encrusted Band4p 97g 66s 40c
Necklace of the Watchers4p 97g 66s 40c
Ornate Runed Stud4p 97g 66s 40c
Pantaloons of the Spell Spinner7p 87s 68c
Pauldrons of Despair6p 46g 96s 32c
Polished Jade Band4p 97g 66s 40c
Polished Jade Bracelet4p 97g 66s 40c
Polished Jade Earring4p 97g 66s 40c
Polished Jade Necklace4p 97g 66s 40c
Slippers of the Spell Spinner5p 39g 13s 60c
Steel Woven Band4p 97g 66s 40c
Supple Hide Gloves5p 93g 4s 96c
Tremor Mantle6p 46g 96s 32c
Tunic of Light Absorption8p 8g 70s 40c
Twisted Topaz Earring4p 97g 66s 40c
Vest of the Spell Spinner8p 8g 70s 40c
Whispering Skull Cap6p 46g 96s 32c
Yha-lei Scale Gloves5p 93g 4s 96c

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