How to raceEdit

  • The basic mechanics are the same as the ones of the flying mounts.
  • You need to finish the rings in order. The next one should light up green and the one after that should have a green swirl effect, I write SHOULD because due to lag this sometimes updates slower than you fly.
  • There are hazardous storm clouds and similar looking Bee Swarms which slow you down considerably.
  • There are also boons that make you go faster looking like green and blue clouds. The difference between green and blue is that the blue clouds disappear once you go through them and make the life of your competitors harder.
  • On a few tracks (Lavastorm and Butcherblock) there are also golden suns which makes you immune to the storm clouds for a short while.
  • All clouds override each other, so if you go through a storm cloud and directly afterwards through a green cloud it behaves as if you never encountered the storm cloud and vice versa.
  • To get the best times for the titles and to be ranked in the high-score lists you need to study the courses, use the good clouds, avoid the storm clouds and clip the rings.

The RacesEdit

Velious Launch Aether RacingEdit

Aether Racing was introduced as 3 World Event quests in game to celebrate the discovery of Velious and are now available during Tinkerfest (see secton below):

City Festival Aether RacingEdit

Since April 2011 there are 6 tracks for the City Festivals, one per city:

Fan Faire Aether RacingEdit

At Fan Faire 2011 there was a new race track introduced for the Live quest, which is now available during Tinkerfest (see secton below):

Tinkerfest Aether RacingEdit

Four courses are available during Tinkerfest:

Each completion of a race rewards 5 Shiny Tinkerfest Cogs as well as the normal pads and titles. Also, completing all four during Tinkerfest completes the Achievement Furiously Fast.

Spawned Event Aether RacingEdit


For all the above races except the Thundering Steppes one:

The following titles are rewarded only on certain tracks, possibly the Velious release tracks.

Notes by SmokeJumperEdit turns out that the gnomes are horribly, terribly jealous of the "meat solution" to flying mounts found in Velious and they're working furiously to come up with a tinkering substitution instead. Thus, the debut of "Aether Racing", Tuesday, March 1st 2011!

The tinkerers have cobbled together a rattling, wheezing deathtrap of a flying machine, and they want YOU to test it for them! (They're not stupid enough to test it themselves.) So they've disguised their guinea pig flying program as a set of air racing courses that they've sprinkled throughout Norrath. You can go to either Lavastorm, Butcherblock, or Tenebrous Tangle to join in on the racing action and prizes *are* awarded for good times as incentive for pushing their rattletraps as hard as they'll go.

Race course signup NPCs are close enough to globe or wizard spire zone-in positions that *any* level of character can participate in these races, despite the courses being set in zones that are normally too difficult for some folks.

Come check it out!