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EverQuest 2 Spell Information
Aery Hunter V
Icon Hurricane
Summons an inhabitant of the Plane of Air to do the conjuror's bidding.

Target Self
Concentration 1
Casting 10.0 seconds
Recast Instant
Duration Until Cancelled
Level 83



  • Summons a pet aery hunter
Aery Hunter Spell Line

+ Aery Hunter V Appearances
Aery Hunter V (Apprentice) Aery Hunter V (Adept) Aery Hunter V (Master)

This pet is about where a 90 master pet is with quested gear through stonebrunt...

Autoattack = about 1600 per few seconds single blow Pet's hp with 0 defensive gears = 14k

  • Wisp Blade
      • Inflicts 2600-3.7k cold damage on target --- CD 20 seconds
  • Galestorm
      • Inflicts 3.3-4.8k cold damage on target --- CD 90 seconds
  • Furystorm
      • Inflicts 2k-2.5k cold damage on target --- CD 60 seconds
      • Inflicts 900-1500 (3 ticks) cold damage on target immeadiately
  • Aery Whip
      • Inflicts 1700-2200 cold damage on target --- CD 12 seconds
      • Inflicts 300 (4 ticks) cold damage on target encounter every 3 seconds
  • Stormsurge --- CD ~30 seconds
      • Inflicts 2k-3k cold damage on target
      • Decreases physical Mitigation on target by 750
  • Thunderous attack --- CD 8 seconds
      • Inflicts 2k-3k heat damage on target
  • Fury of the elements
      • 3800-4600 damage --- CD 15 seconds (Granted through AA tree)
  • Minion's Mark
      • 2200-2400 damage --- CD 10 seconds (Granted through AA tree)
      • Reduces all magical mitigations by 1k

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