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EverQuest 2 Spell Information
Aery Hunter
Icon Hurricane
Summons an inhabitant of the Plane of Air to do the conjuror's bidding.

Target Self
Concentration 1
Casting 10.0 seconds
Recast Instant
Duration Until Cancelled
Level 32



  • Summons a pet aery hunter
Aery Hunter Spell Line


The Aery Outrider has the following abilities (numbers are based on Adept I, level 45 pet):

  • Wisp Blade - Target Enemy - Effects: Inflicts 207-345 cold damage on target.

(LvL32 AD1 = 132-200) (LvL32 M1 = 176-294)

  • Aery Whip - Target Enemy - Duration: 12.0 seconds - Effects: Inflicts 88-148 cold damage on target. Inflicts 37 cold damage on target instantly and every 3 seconds.

(LvL32 AD1 = 56-94 23/3s) (LvL32 M1 = 75-126 31/3s)

  • Storm Surge - Target Enemy - Duration: 36.0 seconds - Effects: Decreases Mitigation of target vs all physical damage by 270. Inflicts 188-313 cold damage on target.

(LvL32 AD1 = 198 Mit 131-219) (LvL32 M1 = 264 Mit 175-291)

  • Thunderous Attack - Target Enemy - Effects: Inflicts 138-230 cold damage on target. Interrupts target.

(LvL32 AD1 = 88-146) (LvL32 M1 = 117-195)

+ Aery Hunter Appearances
Aery Hunter (Apprentice) Aery Hunter (Adept) Aery Hunter (Master)

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