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All races have a quest series in the cities. These quests can only be done by those who are of the Aerakyn race.

Note: This page could use a simplified rerwrite and the wiki would benefit from having the actual quests added instead, with the info moved to each respective page. If you have an Aerakyn and can lend a hand, please help the community by contributing!


Aerakyn mentor quests can be found in both Qeynos and Freeport.

It does, however, start somewhat differently in Qeynos.


  • This timeline starts in Qeynos if for any Aerakyn who have settled in a good-aligned city: New Halas, Kelethin, or Qeynos.
  • It starts in The City of Freeport, in West Freeport if you are evil-aligned and have settled in: Gorowyn, Neriak, or Freeport.

For the NonceEdit

Inside the Qeynos Province District of North Qeynos an Aerakyn walking along the roadway adjacent to the Ironforge Exchange and the Bank will encounter a Halfling named Nonce. Nonce is infuriated at you, calling you names and accusing you of spiriting away his sister, Sloish.

Sloish is in the thrall of the Cult of Endings.

Initiating the EndEdit

The Cult of Endings believes that the end of Norrath is approaching and the Aerakyn are to lead them. The cult meets in a secret room in South Qeynos (within Qeynos Province District), which you'll be able to locate on your map. (Loc 645,-17,202 in South Queynos)

As an Aerakyn the cultist's revere you and their leader will "initiate" you into the fold in a secret ceremony. It is obvious to you that the path the cultist's are on is fanatical and wrong.

Once you're in, it becomes your task to convince Sloish to return home. She remains reluctant to abandon the cult.

The Next WorldEdit

At this point in the mentoring series you will secretly meet with the cultist's for the last time.

The confrontation with the cult leader will be brief (I did bring along the Aerakyn Mercenary) after which you will announce to the assembled followers that they were being deceived by false prophecies. Sloish feels somewhat foolish during your final dialogue with her, but she is agreeable to returning to her brother and their home.

The mentoring session for Aerakyn in Freeport begins on the walkway above the execution pit on the south side of the arena.

Along the road in West Freeport you encounter an Aerakyn named Psellic (171.01, -3.53, 20.35). Nearby stands a Teir'Dal (Dark Elf) that doesn't seem to be paying any particular attention to either you or Psellic. Psellic is worried as to the fate of Veeshan's Scale, and wishes to enlist your help in searching for information about it within Freeport.

A bit of lore here: Aerakyn were the foot soldiers of Kerafyrm, and were held in thrall by a charm known as Veeshan's Scale. With the imprisonment of Kerafyrm the Scale had become lost.

In Chains AgainEdit

You'll interact with three Aerakyn NPC's within Freeport. Myll'dreth (-45.73, 0.00, 232.51), Kel'drax (-254.77, 0.00, 200.09) and Illevius (-93.40, 0.00, 13.53). You'll ask each NPC if they feel as if they are being manipulated against their wills. Myll'dreth suggests you search Temple Street for clues, but don't go there yet. Speak with Kel'drax and Illevius first. Kel'drax suggests you consult a scryer in the Temple of War. Illevius suggests you consult with someone named Kintel Solis about documented information pertaining to Age's End.

In the back room of the Temple of War you will consult with Corina Farsight. Corina is agreeable to the task for 1,000 plat (don't worry if you don't have it, as you won't need it). As she begins to scry she is enveloped in fire and flashes out of existence.

Entering the Academy of Arcane Science you don't find Kintel Solis, but on a table on the upper level is a copy of Age's End (a house item/book). With this information you can now proceed to Temple Street to search for clues.

Entering Temple Street, you can invis or stealth to avoid the agro from the wandering Necromechs. You're searching for four clues. The first update is at 91.08, 0.00, 113.20, the second is at 50.41, 0.00, 101.13, the third is at 7.84, 0.00, 108.72, and the fourth clue is at 17.67, 0.00, 5.89. Having completed your search you decide to return to Psellic to update him on your progress.

When you return to WFP where you had left Psellic he is gone. The Tier'Dal nearby (167.00, 0.00, 5.89) will start the next part of this quest.

The Teir'Dal, Plex, has a task for you, and you'll do it without question, or Plex will denounce you as a traitor and spy. Apparently the spy was in fact Psellic, working for Qeynos, and now it is your task to track him down and deal with him.

Psyching Out PsellicEdit

Psellic is first found in Temple Street at -7.17, 3.02, 108.28. As you track him to the apartment he is in you overhear him apparently speaking with someone with a communication-device of some sort. He greets you when you first enter. When the conversation gets heated Psellic activates a teleport charm and escapes.

Trailing Psellic to Beggar's Court, he is found at -17.61, 0.00, 20.11. Here, he is exhorting several Aerakyn to join him in his search for the Scale. His speech seems persuasive until you step forward and denounce Psellic as a spy for Antonia and Qeynos. Psellic takes this opportunity to teleport away again.

Trailing Psellic to the Scale Yard, he is found at 0.41, 0.00, 105.37. Here you learn the truth. Psellic was all the time working on behalf of the Aerakyn, even though being an agent of Qeynos. At this point you get to choose if you'll let Psellic escape, or kill him.

Return to Plex to you inform her you have dealt with Psellic. Informing you that your sentencing is discharged, you ask if she has any information about the Scale. "Do you truly wish to know?" she says. Exclaiming to her that all the Aerakyn need to know, Plex says "I will tell you everything I know about the Scale, but first you need to earn the right to that information."

Agreeing to the task Plex offers to opens the next quest.

The Left HandEdit

In SFP, in the kitchen area at -217.24, 0.00, 144.81, is Llaros. According to Plex, Llaros is a dangerous assassin planning to kill the Overlord, Lucan D'Lere, and Plex is conscripting you with the task of 'assassinating the assassin.'

Confronting Llaros, he appears to be a chef. He is surprised by you, and pleads that he is nothing more than a chef. That he has 'no mettle' and 'can't raise steel.' At this point you can decide how you will deal with Llaros. Afterward, return to Plex.

Plex commends you when you report back to her, having "dealt" with Llaros. Now you ask "What about Veeshan's Scale?" Plex slyly informs you that she doesn't have any information about Veeshan's Scale.

Your rewards for this quest are coin, Age's End (a house item book), and the Ring of the Dragon.

IMO - I would not be surprised to find that Veeshan's Scale might turn up in the hands of either the Teir'Dal or the Iksar.


This guide was adapted from the info posted by TwelveofNorrath on ZAM

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