The following quests are available in The Thundering Steppes for levels 20-29. For the core quest series in this zone, see the Thundering Steppes Timeline. (recommended levels in brackets}

Thundermist VillageEdit

Ruins of VarsoonEdit

Jiana Waterway

  1. Dark Creatures Lurk (28)
  2. Keeping the Topside Safe (30)
  3. Surface Assault (30)

Bridge KeepEdit

Captain Eitoa - roams Antonica near the North Qeynos Gate

  1. The Keep of the Ardent Needle (15)
  2. Gnoll Report (18)
  3. A Captain's Communique (26)
  4. Outland Brigade Reports (30)

The rest of the zoneEdit

Chief Derrog

  1. Test of the Chief (20)
  2. The Eternal Warriors (23)
  3. Message of the Brave (25)

Cove of Decay access quests

  1. The Cove of Decay - Prison Break (25)
  2. The Cove of Decay - Kraughl's Request (25)
  3. The Cove of Decay - Reforming Stormsunder (25)
  4. The Adornment of Stormsunder

Old Zek boat access quests

  1. The Captain's New Friend
  2. Passage to the Isle of Zek

Collection Quests

Lore and Legend Quests

Heritage Quests

Item Triggered Quests - These quests are all initiated by examining an item that drops of mobs in this zone.

Miscellaneous Quests

See Also Edit

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