A shallows fish (Thundering Steppes)

A shallows fish (Thundering Steppes)

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EverQuest II Monster Information
Race: Piranha
Level: 21-22 Tier 3 Solo
Zone: The Thundering Steppes
Location: All through out the oceans in TS. Large groups near the docks and also the Shrine of the Sirens.

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  • Off the southern coast, groups of heroic shallows fish can be found - usually one 21^^-22^^H with two or three 21-22evenH linked. These groups may be linked to the spawning of a named, Ancient Shoal Fish
  • Shallows fish can also be found in packs of 12 in The Cove of Decay: A Treaty for Treasure. There is 1 group of several level 24 triple downs. To fulfill the quest requirement for Far Seas Requisition Special Contract #NF002, simply zone in and out of the instance until the fish requirement is met, being sure not to kill the named and lock yourself out.

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