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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage  (AA)
Journal Level 30 (Tier 4)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Antonica more
How to Start Speak to Scholar Al'Quylar, behind The Tower of the Oracles in Antonica at ( -1039, 14, -665 ) /waypoint -1039, 14, -665.
part of: Heritage Quests Timeline
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  • You must be at least level 25 to receive this quest.


  1. Harvest underwater power sources in:
  2. Return to Scholar Al'Quylar.
  3. Obtain the following items from Ruins of Varsoon:
    • Brown Research Tome on Binding: ( 18, 4, 69 ) /waypoint 18, 4, 69
    • Black Research Tome on Immortality: ( 237, -7, 54 ) /waypoint 237, -7, 54
    • Note: Be forewarned that the Tome of Life and Tome of Death spawn in the same rooms where these research tomes are found. They are needed for a later step in the questline so it is best to try and avoid killing them.
      • Exploit: If you are having difficulty with the Named Tomes, the research tomes can be picked up from the corner of the hall that precedes the rooms where the Named Tomes are in.
  4. Return to Scholar Al'Quylar.
  5. Obtain one of the following items from Stormhold:
  6. Return to Scholar Al'Quylar.
    • Note: There is a known bug where the quest appears to have failed to update after you've obtained the items, and Al'Quylar will NOT have a quest marker over him. Regardless, if you talk to him with the items in your inventory you will successfully complete this step.
  7. Return to Ruins of Varsoon and slay:
    • Tome of Life: ( 12, 7, 71 ) /waypoint 12, 7, 71
      • 10 minute respawn timer.
    • Tome of Death: ( 228, 0, 55 ) /waypoint 228, 0, 55
      • 25 minute respawn timer.
    • You need to kill the entire encounter for the update to be recorded in your journal; killing just the named will not work. Grey mobs do work.
  8. Return to Scholar Al'Quylar.
  9. Kill Varsoon the Undying in the Chamber of Immortality ( 234, -4, 98 ) /waypoint 234, -4, 98 within Ruins of Varsoon.
  10. Return to Scholar Al'Quylar. He will become aggressive and attack as a named monster, a level 35^^^ heroic with a pet and a knockback ability. Kill him for your reward.
    • Everyone in the group does NOT need to hail Scholar Al'Quylar at the same time to get the update. See discussion page for views on this issue.


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