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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage  (AA)
Journal Level 30 (Tier 4)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Antonica more
How to Start Speak to Scholar Al'Quylar, behind the Oracle Tower in Antonica ( -1039, 14, -665 ) /waypoint -1039, 14, -665.
part of: Heritage Quests Timeline
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  • You must be at least level 25 to receive this quest.

Steps Edit

  1. Harvest a bit of power from power sources in Nektulos Forest and The Thundering Steppes. They are both underwater.
    • Thundering Steppes: ( 1681, -88, 308 ) /waypoint 1681, -88, 308 This location is off the map...go West from the Shrine of the Sirens, it is inside the a bit of ship wreck. Water breathing will help a lot, it is difficult but not impossible to get this without drowning. Wiz portal is near location
    • Nektulos Forest: In the pool underneath Soul Eater Falls ( 457, 14, -1505 ) /waypoint 457, 14, -1505 wiz portal is near location
  2. Return to Scholar Al'Quylar. You'll receive some coin and experience and the next step of the quest.
  3. Recover the Brown Research Tome on Binding at ( 18, 4, 69 ) /waypoint 18, 4, 69 and the Black Research Tome on Immortality at ( 237, -7, 54 ) /waypoint 237, -7, 54 in the Ruins of Varsoon. Be forewarned that the Tome of Life and Tome of Death spawn in these same rooms. The books can be researched from the corner of the hall preceding the room the Tomes are in to avoid killing them.
    • NOTE: Tome of Life and Tome of Death are both required later in the quest, if they aren't up...kill the placeholders. If they are up, try to avoid killing them.
  4. Return to Scholar Al'Quylar.
  5. You then must obtain a Palladium torque or a Palladium Bangle. The Palladium Torque can drop from Lord Androus in Stormhold and the Palladium Bangle can drop from The Char Fiend in Stormhold and some named mobs in Edgewater Drains. The Palladium Bangle can also be player crafted using a Palladium Cluster. Turn it in to Al'Quylar. You will receive approximately 1g 50s as a reward.
    • NOTE: It has been verified in-game that this specific player made palladium bangle purchased from the broker will update this step.
    • NOTE: The quest may appear to fail to update when you obtain the item, and Al'Quylar will NOT have a quest marker over him. By all indication the quest will appear broken, but it's not. If you talk to him with the bangle anyway, you will complete the step and get the next one.
  6. Head back to the Ruins of Varsoon to kill the Tome of Life and Tome of Death. These spawn in the two rooms where you got the research tomes earlier. The placeholders were removed, though the Tome Of Life has a 10 minute respawn timer and the Tome of Death has a 25 minute respawn timer. Note: You need to kill the entire encounter for the update to be recorded in your journal, killing the name only will not work.
  7. Return to Scholar Al'Quylar.
  8. Kill Varsoon the Undying in the Chamber of Immortality ( 234, -4, 98 ) /waypoint 234.39, -3.88, 98.06
  9. Return to Scholar Al'Quylar. He will become aggro, as a named monster, then attack you with a pet (kill him and pet will die too) ~15k hps. He is a level 35^^^ heroic mob with a knockback attack. Kill him for your reward.
    • NOTE: Everyone in the group does NOT need to hail the Scholar at the same time to get the update. See the talk page for views on this issue.

Rewards Edit

Notes Edit

Dialog Edit

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