The Item, Location, Quest, Mob or NPC referred to by this page has been removed from EverQuest II.
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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category The Willow Wood
Journal Level 3 (Tier 1)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Willow Wood more
How to Start Speak to Daelyn Twinstar, located on the docks of Willow Wood.
part of: Qeynos Racial Timeline
Preceded by:
Followed by:
A Joined Heritage

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Steps Edit

  1. Speak to Gar Smolten and help him determine what's in each of the crates next to him by examining each of the crates and remembering what's different between the labels and the contents.
  2. Speak with Lia Serene and help her find anything that looks like a fallen egg downed from the bird nests in the village by a recent wind storm. The eggs are small, light blue ones and can be found in the following locations:
    • under the eaves of the northeast corner of the inn ( 847, 0, -630 ) /waypoint 847, 0, -630
    • under the tree near the entrance to the docks ( 843, 0, -672 ) /waypoint 843, 0, -672
    • under the tree along path to The Forest Ruins gate ( 868, -18, -590 ) /waypoint 868, -18, -590
  3. Return to Daelyn Twinstar, answer his questions, and receive your reward.

Rewards Edit

At least 1s 24c

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