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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Nektulos Forest  (AA)
Journal Level 35 (Tier 4)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Nektulos Forest more
How to Start Speak to Thraixe Il'ferrai on the east side of Soul Eater Falls ( 411, 26, -1477 ) /waypoint 411, 26, -1477
part of: Bloodline Chronicles Timeline
Preceded by:
D'Morte Family Crest
Followed by:
A Bloody Coup
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Note Edit

Hailing the wounded scouts before they die may bug the quest, better not to do it.

Steps Edit

  1. You must collect four rock samples in the The Tombs of Night: A Search For Answers instance. This zone is located just behind Soul Eater Falls ( 475, 25, -1589 ) /waypoint 475, 25, -1589.
    1. Spawn and kill The Mold Reaper ( 73, 6, 5 ) /waypoint 73, 6.19, 5 and mine the rock that appears.
      • Clear the 3 groups of mist grinnin sporechanters upstairs on the upper floor of the zone and a new wave of sporechanters will pop.
      • Clear them and The Mold Reaper will come running in.
      • After he is dead a wounded scout will run in and leave the rock you need to mine where he dies.
      • Now head down and go into The Maw of Mortality by breaking the wall at ( 41, -24, -3 ) /waypoint 41, -24.09, -3.
    2. Spawn and kill Chief Strongarm ( 35, -26, 56 ) /waypoint 35, -26.28, 56 and mine the rock that appears.
      • Clear the seven groups of ruffians in three sets on this floor.
      • Each set will spawn a group lead by a summoner who will begin casting a spell (Might have to run around near the dead grinnin making sure that summoner group spawns).
      • After killing the three groups of summoners the Chief appears (untargettable) and summons four mudrakers.
      • After killing those, Chief Strongarm becomes targetable, kill him as well.
      • After he is dead a wounded scout will run in from SW and leave a damp rock sample that you need to mine where she dies.
      • Now head down to the lower water area, near where you would fall if you dropped down the waterfall at ( 54, 0, 101 ) /waypoint 54, 0, 101.
    3. Spawn and kill Lureclaw the Angler and Gulp ( 56, -45, 106 ) /waypoint 56, -45, 106 and mine the rock that appears.
      • Clear the four groups of netslingers on this floor. This will spawn two groups of grinnins.
      • Kill them and Lureclaw the Angler and Gulp will spawn.
      • After they are dead a wounded scout will spawn on the shore near by ( 65, -40, 133 ) /waypoint 65, -39.88, 133 and leave a strange rock sample that you need to mine where he dies.
      • Head back up to the previous floor then down through the wall at ( -58, -32, 66 ) /waypoint -58, -32.32, 66 into The Hand of the Crypt.
    4. Mine an interesting rock sample in the pit of an Adherant diabolist near Dvith N'Zur ( -76, -37, 104 ) /waypoint -75.71, -36.97, 103.88.
  2. Return to Thraixe Il'ferrai for your reward.

Rewards Edit

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