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EverQuest II Item Information
Type: House Item Subtype: Book
A Recent History of the Tunarians
This item can be placed in any house type.
Obtain: Reward from the quest "The Book of Recent History.."

\aITEM 1812078011 2036227111:A Recent History of the Tunarians\/a \aITEM 1812078011 2036227111:A Recent History of the Tunarians\/a
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Book Text

A Recent History of the Tunarians
Style: House Item
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The past 500 years have been that of turmoil. Our people, the Koada'Dal, have had to endure atrocities that we would not even wish upon our enemies.

Beginning with the fall of Felwithe and the murder of King Thex, the inhabitants of the city were forced to flee into the mountains to survive. The casualties from the war were great, and the number of paladins were low. A plan was to be formed, the home that Tunare gave to her people was to be retaken.

In the mountains above the city the remaining paladins, priests and mages gathered. They were to all at once draw upon the divine power of Tunare and expel the forces of Innoruuk that had seized control of the city.

The siege of the city caused great destruction, even the mountain canyon that the city had been built in had taken damage. Besides the remaining Koada'Dal there were no living things left in the canyon. The agents of Innoruuk had during the final battle burned the trees, the grass and all of the other vegetation. Even the great tree was on the verge of death.

From the mountains came a wary ally. The Myntr, a tribe of satyr from the plane of Growth came to tend to the tree. It was sacred to them, and to their Mother Tunare. They were unwilling at first to assist the Koada'Dal in rebuilding the city, and for a while left to the mountains above. They left with the tree the tenders. Beings of nature that would take care of the great tree.

During the excavation and rebuilding of the city, historians found books that read of a time ages past. Where the elves lived in the Elddar Forest, and closer to Tunare. The whole of what was Antonica and now the shattered lands used to be under the control and influence of the elves.

These elves were different than the elves that the Koada'Dal saw in their own race. They then noticed how the wood elf and half elf had become perversions of Tunare's perfect elf. They looked upon their darker kin knowing their creation was a work of Innoruuk, they were no longer able to acknowledge that they had once been elf. These historians convinced the council that there should be a purification, and a recreation of the perfect elf.

It was decided that to become a new race of perfect Elf, they must leave behind their old names, and take upon a new name that would represent their devotion to Tunare, during her absence. The name decided upon was the Renda'Dal, or more commonly the New Tunarians. Family trees were created for the elves that could trace back their history, and those with the most pure blood were selected to bring about more pure blood elves.



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