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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Nektropos Castle
Journal Level 30 (Tier 4)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Nektropos Castle more
How to Start See Starting the Quest, below
Preceded by:
Followed by:
The Rune of Sunder
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Starting the Quest Edit

  1. Enter Nektropos Castle and find the room of Pelleas ( -36, 0, -57 ) /waypoint -36, 0, -57.
  2. Examine the family portrait on the table against the wall near the bed. If the portrait isn't there, wait for a personal attendant to enter the room and place it there.
  3. Enter Crysta's Bedroom in the northwest tower and examine the painting that matches the one in Pelleas' room. This will start the quest in your journal.

Steps Edit

  1. Search for clues about the six daughters in the painting:
  2. Find the other five dolls of the Everling sisters in Nektulos Forest Repop on dolls is 20 seconds:
    • Crysta's rag doll is in Camp Leeot to the west of N'Mar's Ascent ( 135, 65, -1472 ) /waypoint 135, 65, -1472.
    • Shiela's rag doll is in the Citadel of Gul'thex, third floor, top of tower ( 700, 23, -708 ) /waypoint 700, 23, -708.
    • Deidre's rag doll is at Behemoth Pond ( -212, 6, -282 ) /waypoint -212, 6, -282.
    • Jenni's rag doll is in the western bear cave ( -1381, 29, -701 ) /waypoint -1381, 29, -701.
    • Melanie's rag doll is near the entrance to The Obelisk of Lost Souls ( -86, 92, -2226 ) /waypoint -86, 92, -2226.
  3. "There must be someplace that hints of the use of these rag dolls."
    • (If you have completed The Everling Lockets, skip to the next step.) Return to the castle and make your way to Alexa's spawn point in the basement ( -20, -14, 7 ) /waypoint -20, -14, 7 and hail her . Her conversation has nothing to do with the quest, but will allow you access to Everling's research laboratory.
  4. Enter Everling's research laboratory in the basement by examining the sconce on the wall. ( -8, -14, -18 ) /waypoint -8, -14, -18
  5. Examine the six circles on the floor to place the six dolls of the Everling sisters.
  6. Harvest The Idol of Everling that appears on the floor in the center of the circles.
    • If you have trouble harvesting the idol, try crouching and harvesting in first-person view or standing behind the idol with your back to the wall.
    • If you cannot click it in time, do not panic - the dolls and idol will despawn, but you can replace them and try again.

Rewards Edit