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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Stormhold
Journal Level 25 (Tier 3)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Stormhold more
How to Start Speak to a crushed librarian ( -105, -32, -158 ) /waypoint -105, -32, -158 in the Library
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What does this information mean?


A grate in the floor is the internal entrance to the library ( 4, -26, -131 ) /waypoint 4, -26, -131 down on the second level of the zone. The external entrance to the library is here: ( -24801, -40, -234 ) /waypoint -24801, -40, -234. A crushed librarian is specifically at ( -107, -32, -156 ) /waypoint -107.21, -32, -155.59. Also, Qelinatias the Scion of Pain 24^^^* and a named briar spawn in the same room as the internal library entrance.

This is no longer needed for the The Tomb of Valor access quest, but it is still required to start the The Bone Bladed Claymore quest.


  1. Kill defiled squires on the first level, near the chessboard, at location ( 42, 5, -84 ) /waypoint 42, 5, -84 until you get:
    • 6th page of Squire's Journal
    • 7th page of Squire's Journal
    • 8th page of Squire's Journal
  2. Return to the Librarian
  3. Kill defiled knights until you get:
    • 21st Page of the Knight's Journal
    • 28th Page of the Knight's Journal
  4. Return to the Librarian
  5. Kill the following:
    • Guard Captain Hess (in the fireplace of the western Barracks room. PH is defiled knights ( -72, 5, -160 ) /waypoint -72, 5, -160
    • Lord Androus ( 78, 5, -85 ) /waypoint 78, 5, -85 in the chessboard room.
    • zombie handmaidens ( -101, -25, -73 ) /waypoint -101, -25, -73 Stormhold Level 2, until you find Lady Chesgard's Journal.
  6. Return to the Librarian
  7. Find the key to the The Tomb of Valor.
    • The key is at the foot of the first statue on your right ( -32, 14, 22 ) /waypoint -31.72, 14.34, 22.22, as you walk down from the zone-in, right next to Sir Valinayle.
  8. Enter the The Tomb of Valor ( -15, -25, -44 ) /waypoint -14.64, -24.88, -44.19 (the entrance is a metal grate in the floor) and kill Lord Chesgard
    1. Click the sarcophagus just to your right as you enter. This will spawn about eight restless stormlords (25 and 26 Heroic ^^^).
    2. Kill each stormlord as you progress forward through the tomb. After each kill, close the corresponding sarcophagus.
      • You will have to run back and forth closing ones that you had already closed.
    3. After you kill the last restless stormlord and close its sarcophagus Lord Chesgard (30^^^) and all of the previous stormlords will spawn (be sure you are at the opposite end of the zone-in point against the wall. Close the last one near the opposite end or get caught in the respawn). Repeat the process back towards the zone-in and Lord Chesguard.
    4. Kill Lord Chesgard.
  9. Return to the Librarian



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