A Grungetalon chipper (32-33)

A Grungetalon chipper (32-33)

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EverQuest II Monster Information
Race: Goblin
Level: 32-33 Tier 4 Heroic Aggressive Social
Class: Berserker
Zone: Kaladim
Association: Clan Boombottom
Location: Throughout Hall of the Hammer

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  1. The Cure for the Common Hangover (30)


  • These monsters come in the formation of one Grungetalon chopper (32^-33^ Brigand), one Grungetalon chipper (32-33 Berserker) and one Stonemunch troglodyte (either crusher or pulverizer).
  • Despite having 'Grungetalon' in its name, this goblin is a Boombottom as seen by its title, smaller size and red skin (Grungetalons are larger than Boombottoms and have gray skin).