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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Antonica
Journal Level 20 (Tier 3)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Antonica more
How to Start obtain A Miniature Scepter from Animator Z'Apha
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What does this information mean?


  1. In order to be able to finish this quest you need to have done all quests in a line that starts with Suspicious Activity. The last few quests in that line is to kill the names where you get the trinket's for this quest. This step is not necessary, the quest can be started by killing the Animator and looting the trinket. It can be undertaken by any player regardless of alignment
  2. You will need to have completed Bark Like a Gnoll to gain the Gnollish language and speak to an Elder Sabertooth Spirit at the end of the quest.
  3. You must be good or neutral alignment to do the Suspicious Activity line - evil characters can ignore this quest line.


  1. Acquire any one of the items at step 4, then examine it to get the quest dialog.
    • "I found a strange gnollish trinket. It was wrapped up in such a way that suggests it is more than just a worthless piece of junk. I should see if I can find someone who can tell me about it."
  2. Go and see Bulvar Rakgam at Gnollslayer Keep ( -2114, -40, 435 ) /waypoint -2114, -40, 435.
  3. He will then send you to Barstan Rheyble ( -2116, -46, 440 ) /waypoint -2116, -46, 440. This will then give you the main part of the quest which is to collect more trinkets
  4. Collect the following items: These mobs spawn super fast (1 to 2 min), and the items are body drops, so can be gathered gray
  5. Once these are all collected, you need to go to the Stone of Graw (located within the underwater cave ( -1022, -47, 1178 ) /waypoint -1022, -47, 1178 which is an alternate entrance to Blackburrow. ( -1092, -33, 1074 ) /waypoint -1092, -33, 1074
    • Note: You must still have the trinkets in order for the Stone of Graw to advance your quest.
    • I should speak with the spirit at the Stone of Graw to see if I am yet able to receive its blessing.
    • Warning: If you have the quest Passage to the Isle of Zek and haven't already killed him, Gawar the Bad will also pop in the caves with two buddies.
  6. I need to place the trinkets on the Stone of Graw


  • Experience Only

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