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The Gigglegibber Goblin Gamblin' Game is much like a VLT.

The chances of winning the jackpot (which can range from 200-2000ish plat) are around 1:1947792. The expected return without the jackpot is 52.634% (ie. you lose about 1/2 of what you wager). The game has a positive expectation once the jackpot hits 922p59g20s.

Depending on the number of matches to the numbers, you get gold or silver or plat.

1 Match - nothing 2 Matches - 10 Silver 3 Matches - 50 Silver 4 Matches - 2 Gold 50 Silver 5 Matches - 25 Gold 6 Matches - The jackpot, of which the exact amount can be found on the book next to the vendor.

There are 36 numbers, one of which you randomly get in each of the 6 boxes.

For a list of the G4 Vendors, see below.

In the cities:

In the countryside:

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