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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Maj'Dul  (AA)
Journal Level 51 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Maj'Dul more
How to Start Go to the door of the Peacock Club. You will automatically receive the quest.
part of: Peacock Club Timeline
Preceded by:
Secrets of a Used Skull
Followed by:
Delving into Darkness
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What does this information mean?

This quest is step 6 of The Peacock Club Timeline

  • You must be able to speak Thulian to complete this quest

Steps Edit

  1. Read the note on the ground, outside The Peacock Club. If the note isn't there, back up to the previous platform and cross the plank again.
  2. Speak to Camel Dealer Ha'kal in Maj'Dul ( 177, 140, 2 ) /waypoint 177, 140, 2
  3. Speak to Camel Trainer Jabiri in The Sinking Sands ( -1172, -149, -322 ) /waypoint -1172, -149, -322
  4. Find 3 ebbnuts. Search the sea around ( -1647, -250, -17 ) /waypoint -1647, -250, -17 Eq2map ( -1559, -260, -93 ) /waypoint -1559, -260, -93 or ( -1520, -257, -91 ) /waypoint -1520, -257, -91. They appear as small, round grey rocks floating just above the sea bottom, and the location seems to be random along the southern coastline.
  5. Lead the camel: Find a dunestrider camel near ( -765, -114, -518 ) /waypoint -765, -113.67, -517.93 Eq2map. Right click and lead it back to Camel Trainer Jabiri and speak to him.
  6. Head to the Oasis of Raef and inspect a note in the log at ( -581, -131, -770 ) /waypoint -581, -131, -770 Eq2map
  7. Speak to Kerakta the guide at ( -364, -119, -820 ) /waypoint -364, -119, -820 Eq2map or ( -703, -120, -935 ) /waypoint -703, -120, -935 (he roams) - you need to be able to speak Thulian at this point.
  8. Kill skeletal cobras for 5 uncommon updates. ( -398, -69, -413 ) /waypoint -398, -69, -413 is a good spot. There is also a good spot at ( -826, -119, -976 ) /waypoint -826, -119, -976 Eq2map
  9. Return to Kerakta the guide
  10. Search for objects around the NW oasis near ( -336, -131, -1005 ) /waypoint -336, -131, -1005. This can be a very frustrating step. Ignore Kerakta's misleading directions to go west, it's much more NW of him. Also his "Dogs of the Dead" refers to the Anaz Mal gnolls, not the undead gnolls by the cliffs to the SW of him! Items can spawn anywhere in the upper area around the entire oasis, both in the sandy areas as well as in the grassy areas. Most of them seem to spawn within a few yards of the transition between the sand and the grass. Items also occasionally spawn in the lower area closer to the water, and some have also been found on the ramps leading from the upper area into the lower area. There are six items to find. You will keep finding new copies of items you've already picked up as they respawn instantly. Keep picking them up, this will give you a better idea of where exactly they all tend to spawn. It is also extremely helpful to temporarily Disable Flora in the Game Options->Display->Flora so that small items on the ground are far more visible. (If you still cannot find items look in the talk page as you may be affected by a graphical bug). Keep looking until you get them all:
    • a drum - brown, round, smallish.
    • a map scroll
    • a wine bottle - This item can be found closer to the water's edge, as well as around the top of the oasis.
    • a correspondence pad - This item can be found closer to the water's edge, as well as around the top of the oasis.
    • a sketchbook - Although large and clearly visible, this took a long time to find and was located at the bottom of one of grassy ramps leading to the water. --- Sketchbook found well outside the grassy area on the sand around the oasis as well.
    • a calligraphy set - This is perhaps the rarest and the hardest to see sticking out of the sand.
  11. Kill Anaz Mal scavengers for 3 common updates
  12. Speak to The Weeping Hermit. He wanders around a spot at a random area around the lake. Try ( -597, -160, -1393 ) /waypoint -597, -160, -1393 Eq2map or ( -373, -178, -1460 ) /waypoint -373, -178, -1460
  13. Kill the sandcrack gravediggers that are triggered at the resting ground ( -373, -178, -1460 ) /waypoint -373, -178, -1460.
  14. Return to The Weeping Hermit
  15. Zone into to the The Living Tombs ( -369, -141, -1041 ) /waypoint -368.84, -141.48, -1041.48. Go straight ahead to the end of the aquaduct, and drop down to the pool below.
    Wad'dah's rotting corpse

    a corpse

  16. Kill the sentinels of Anu'ish, triggered in pool. There are 5 of them, but level 50vvv. After you defeat them you can stay on the edge until you are ready for the next encounter.
  17. Swim around a bit until you get jumped by Kahil Baldoras, zombie Fadid, and Hakfsa Ka'lin.
  18. Inspect a corpse in the bottom of the pool
  19. Return to the Peacock Club
  20. Speak to Marshal Ralem Christof
  21. After you leave the Peacock Club go talk to Antiquitor Kantus Mor'Tael