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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Everfrost  (AA)
Journal Level 48 (Tier 5)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Everfrost more
How to Start Speak to Rainscour, on the shore of Icegill Lagoon at the base of The Lady's View
part of: Everfrost Timeline
Preceded by:
Vengeance ist Rainscour's!
Followed by:
Widding Us of Webclaw
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  1. Kill the following creatures in Icegill Lagoon:
    • 3 icegill anglers
    • 3 icegill oracles
    • 3 icegill shifters
    • 3 icegill lurkers
    • a named icegill goblin: either Master Mistmaw ( 66, -35, -1519 ) /waypoint 66.02, -35.15, -1519.10, Master Sleetskin ( 179, -36, -1580 ) /waypoint 179, -36, -1580, Master Windstrike ( 81, -35, -1417 ) /waypoint 81, -35, -1417, or Master Stormgill ( 353, -36, -1529 ) /waypoint 353.48, -36.38, -1529.32
      • DO NOT kill Master Webclaw - he does not update this quest and he's needed for the next one!
      • To spawn one of these named goblins, you must find an iceflow that has 5 static encounters of goblins on it. Four such iceflows exist.
      • After clearing all 5 encounters on the same iceflow, a new encounter will spawn that has a chance of containing one of these named mobs. You must clear all the groups on the iceflow before the groups will spawn the instant repop and that instant repop may not contain the named, but may contain a placeholder. If the placeholder pops you must repeat killing all the encounters on the iceflow.
      • The named mobs are 49^^^ Heroic.
  2. Return to Rainscour.