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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Tranquil Sea  (AA)
Journal Level 99 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Tranquil Sea more
How to Start Speak to Guldri
part of: Shattered Seas Timeline
Preceded by:
A Deinodon is Angry
Followed by:
Now That's the Spirit!

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  1. Gather tar for a trap - go to the Tar Pits of Inevitability at ( -892, 30, 296 ) /waypoint -892, 30, 296, kill a viscous tar elemental, then left-click its corpse to harvest tar. NOTE: The previous instruction appears to be wrong. Mouse over the tar pit (maybe after you killed a tar elemental, maybe not) and you will get a hand icon to harvest the tar.
  2. Gather deino bones - left-click the bones sticking out of the tar pits
  3. Return to Guldri at the docks
  4. Speak to Yurwri at ( -712, 14, 259 ) /waypoint -712, 14, 259
  5. Use the Deinodon Tar Trap on a rampaging deino. Once you do it will fall over and Yurwri will examine it.
  6. Take Yurwri to Finze ( -689, 27, 151 ) /waypoint -689, 27, 151
  7. Gather 6 gendri stalks from the Bawgava Tidepools - they're easy to spot, look for tall green reeds growing in the pools of water
  8. Return to Finze